Up bright and early

Turning around and looking back from the way Jinn came "hm.. take it your no longer considered an outsider then?"

She take an extra moment to stand using the tree to keep balance before making her way over back to the tent. She sweeps up her sword and starts to go and re attach it.

"Hmm a good spar may be good, still not all that great at using this thing" happy with the placement she gives it a pat and tightens the knot on the strip of red fabric on the hilt.

"I still need to go and re register with the weavers, waiting on the fatespinner to pop by. I heard shes a pretty common sight around here, though I still havent seen her all to much."
Jinn chuckles and a smile grows on the corner of his mouth.

"I'm a pretty familiar sight in that forest, I know a guy." He says with a wink.

"As for the fate spinner, she is normally a common sight around these parts, but her and the arch mage have been pretty scarce lately. I imagine they have officials duties to take care of, and lots and lots of paper work. But if you find Master Thistle, she would be able to help you get in contact with the fate spinner."
"Yeah I have been told to find her. Even went and knocked on her office door but there was no answer."

Romilda goes and pops open the chest again and drops the books back in. Securing the lock she goes and starts to carefully open the flap of her tent. "It would seem that I get the joy of sitting around and waiting for stuff to happen. Not something I'm unfamiliar with but certainly growing tired of it" placing the chest back in the tent Romilda fiddles with something inside, tosses her empty flask in, then closes it back up.
"Hurry up and wait is a specialty of the Lux, you hang around long enough you'll get used to it."

Jinn turns his head as more giggling comes from the forest, and he smiles even wider.

"Well, that's my que, if you'll excuse me, looks like I'm wanted back in the forest."

He turns to leave before turning his head back, taking two fingers, pointing them at his eye and then back at Romilda. He then let's out a bellowing laugh and heads into the forest.
Watching she gives a wave with a flick of her hand and then a thumbs up in response to his gesture. Looking back to the lux she shrugs her shoulders and makes her way into the quite city.
Kai makes her way to the tent clearing. The foxkin is looking more herself these days, clean and tidy, with brushed fur and hair. She carries her usual shoulder bag, and two smallish woven baskets. Looking about, she quietly hollars, "anyone home?" After a moment of no reply, she shrugs. Kai leaves the smaller basket (containing four eggs, and a note that says "from Kai" with a smiley face) just to one side of the tent door. She heads off to deliver her second basket.
Taking the newly forming path from the city, Romilda makes her way to her tent. Stopping a few paces away seeing the basket by the door. She slowly approaches it looking around it. After a minute of staring down the basket she approaches. The many warnings given to her about the lux bouncing around her head. She pokes and prods at the basket before carefully opening it. Reading the note she grins from ear to ear. Touched by the little bit of kindness.

"So good to see someone doesnt want me dead, dont ya think?" Standing up from here crouched position she and starts meticulously untying the door to her tent, to set the basket inside. She closes the tent back up and flops down next to it, pulls out a book and pen and adds more lines to the ever filling pages.
Putting down the book she was working on Romilda begins to look off to the distance in thought. She looks to the basket of eggs and smiles. She stands up and picks up one of the eggs with a smile on her face. She makes her way back and grabs some of the coloured inks and sets to work. After some time and focus she sets it down, happy with her work. She pops back to her tent and finds a small box to put the gift in, and writes a note to attach to the box.

Taking the gift she makes her way into the city to where she asks a passer by for where the house was she was looking for. She makes her way there and makes her way quietly to the door. Placing the gift in front of the door she gives it a light knock and runs like the wind away and back to her tent.
Kai opens the door a crack and peeks out. Most people who knock on the door are hollering for Mr Evo, or they are hollering for a life spell. She sees the box and opens the door a little wider, looking around. Deciding it is probably not an ambush, she leans out and inspects the box before touching it. Reading the note, she picks up the box and opens it.

"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Nearby bats and dogs would wince at the sound, as Kai makes an exclamation of pure joy. She cradles the fragile gift to her chest, grinning like an idiot.
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Evo bursts forth, wand in hand, looking for the danger that typically accompanies screaming outside his house.

His eyes light upon Kai, and he relaxes, chuckling a bit. "Good news this time, eh? What do you have there?"
Kai shows the gift to Evo, a decorated egg with her foxey face on it. "It's from Romilda. I gave her eggs the other day." She turns the egg this way and that, admiring the detail. "Look, there's a full moon in the sky behind me." Kai is still smiling, "this is the nicest gift I've gotten in ages. Help me find a good place to display it." Kai ushers Evo back into the house, and closes the door behind them, cutting off any further conversation.
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