Update for the May Event, now with 50% more Lodging!


Due to the overwhelming response we've had so far with out events, our staff has made the decision to increase our cabin reservations for the upcoming May event to add an additional Player cabin. We hope the extra room to spread out will ensure that everyone has a comfortable time, and that we do not feel like people are forced to deal with overly tight sleeping arraignments. We now have a total of three cabins, once which is reserve exclusively for Monster camp and NPC lodging as well as two other cabins (one which also serves as the tavern) for our PCs comfort.

While this does increase the cost of providing the game by a certain amount, we will not be raising the Event fee as we believe the likely additional attendance will cover the extra reservation fee. After the May event the logistical staff and I will review our expectations for future events and adjust reservations accordingly in the future.

Big thanks to everyone that has made this action nessasary!

- David


w00t w00t!!!!

Now I can have people pay a cover charge to enter the tavern!!! :twisted:


jnelson said:
Question: will we be allowed to set up tents? Are small campfires (cooking sized) allowed at this site?
Yes you will be able to set up a tent if you would like, but your characters do so at their own risk unless you wizard lock/ward them as canvas will not stop many hungry creatures that may come out in the night/day time. The site also features a variety of fire pit locations, as well as fireplaces within the (gas heated) cabins, and we'll be striving to heat such areas using the fireplaces when possible.


Dr_Chill said:
Now I can have people pay a cover charge to enter the tavern!!! :twisted:
Not to rain on your parade, but I think you'd need to own said tavern first?


Lurin said:
Dr_Chill said:
Now I can have people pay a cover charge to enter the tavern!!! :twisted:
Not to rain on your parade, but I think you'd need to own said tavern first?
Details details...Like Joy said, posession is 9/10ths of the law :D


Seattle Staff
This is some GREAT news dave! Now I can claim an entire cabin as a sovereign barbarian kingdom... >.>


Kevar said:
This is some GREAT news dave! Now I can claim an entire cabin as a sovereign barbarian kingdom... >.>
Now, Now - us dwarves would also like to claim a section of the cabin as our kingdom too, you know! :lol:


Hello All.
May will be my first weekend event.
What do i need to do to get ready for this.
Do i need a tent and sleeping bag and all?
I also plan on making my character then.
Does it matter that i won't have my costume yet.
I plan on playing a magical wood elf scholor using earth based magic.
Basically a healer.
I'm still getting everything figured out.
Where do you all get your costumes?
I was going to go with a hooded robe like a monk robe.
But figured out it would limit my mobility.
So i may go with something else hooded.
Alan Weier.
Hi Alan,

I'll leave Dave to take care of the details for the campsite but heres a good list of things you'll want to pack:
A good stour pair of boots or comfortable black shoes.
Extra Socks
A pillow
A blanket or sleeping bag
A black hoodie or longsleeve shirt ( I know its may but I bring one to every event just in case it gets chilly)
extra socks!!!!!!
some snacks

As for costuming, you can find patterns at fabric stores, purchase pieces on ebay, or shop other various costume shops.

I'll try to rustle up something for a basic costume for you for the event. What size are you?



Hi, Alan!

For a basic starting costume, if the budget is very limited, plain colored sweatpants (grey, forest green, brown, black) without logos go a very long way, and can typically be found at Wal Mart or Target for a very reasonable price.

Ebay has some great items for sale as well.

I recommend trying www.by-the-sword.com for shirts and the like if you want a period shirt. Prices are decent and the worksmanship is good.

Again, if your budget is limited you can always purchase a plain long-sleeved cotton shirt (without logo!) at the store. If you do some online searching for "long-sleeved cotton t-shirt" you will find many websites that sell the shirts for under $15 in a variety of colors, and can check the images to be sure there is no collor and that there are no elastic cuffs.

If you go that route, a good tabard can and will cover a multitude of costuming sins. Do a Google search for a "key-hole neckline" for instructions for a good neckline and you should find a basic tabard pattern there as well.

Nothing wrong with going with a hooded set of robes... www.by-the-sword.com should have some examples, and once you have a basic idea of what you are looking for, you can compare prices on ebay or other renaissance clothing websites.

A good belt also goes a very long way. I recommend going to Target or Wal Mart and buying a belt that is many, many sizes too big for you. Remove the metal catch part of the buckle (the bit that goes into the hole) and you have a simple renaissance style belt that you can loop in place. Get yourself a couple of pouches to go on the belt, and you're set!

If you're looking at playing a Mystic Wood Elf, you'll need elf ears. I recommend selection E, Large Elf Ears from this website: http://www.aradanicostumes.com/elfears.php

You'll also need horns, which can be found here: http://www.aradanicostumes.com/misc.php#horns

There are multiple other places you could find eartips and/or horns, including a local costume/theatrical shop!

I definately recommend good, comfortable boots with plenty of extra socks for warmth...and everyone knows that hell on earth is wet socks!

You will need spell packets for casting spells as your character.

Don't forget a notebook for your spellbook rep! I use a small, blank journal that I attach the tag to, and then write in the spells that my character has available to her.

Hope this helps!


Hello Paul.
Thanks for the info.
I will have to start checking fabric stores and costume shops then.
I plan on going to the local renfest and looking for something.
I hope to get ears and horns by the event i think i saw them online but don't remember where.
I'm a small guy and wear a mens smalll.
I was the small guy at the march event.
But there is no need to go through any trouble.
Maybe ill check online for something cheap until i get exactly what i want.
Thanks much.
Alan Weier.


Hello Joy.
Thanks for your help. I will at least get some green sweats and such.
Thanks for all the links i will check them.
I will buy ears and horns and hopefully they will be delivered before the event.
Thanks for all your help.



If you can't find horns I can lend you a pair, or make you some.
There's an amazing number of things that can be done with fabric strips and wrapping... I'll see if I have anything that might fit you, you're about my size.


As a side note, all the pants I wear are scrub pant (the same kind ER Dr's wear). You can usually get a good pair of scrub pants online for like $15 with shipping, AND they come in every color under the rainbow (I wear brown and black). They also come in various sizes!



There's a martial arts store in Maplewood right next to the Larken dance studio that sells martial arts supplies, and their pants (without pockets, spandex or tie waist band) sells for around $16 and come in multiple sizes. But only problem there would be that they generally come in black or white, so depending of your costume idea color choices they may work.

It's been my experience that costuming at the local renfest tends to be a bit pricey, (hey, I know several people who work there!) and if your willing to do a little bargain hunting, sometimes roaming the local thrift stores can yield a few inexpensive shirts, cloaks and other items that fit in with your costuming needs.

Another good costuming resource, though not always inexpensive as the thrift stores, is checking out the merchant areas of the local chapter of Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) events (their website, the Barony of Nordskogen is located here).

- Tim


PoeticMisfit said:
Unfortunatly Ryan, Ownership is the 1/10th that really matters :p

I site Dwarves of Lonely Mountain v. Five Armies, in which it was clearly demonstrated that possession is more important than any legal ownership on several occasions. Please see Oakenshield v. Baggins, Smaug v. Baggins, Dwarves et al v. Bard, Elves of Mirkwood, et al, and Thranduril v. Bolg for concurring opinions.