<Urgent> Item Conversion (Spellbook, Production, Scroll, Magic Item tags)


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Hello all, your friendly neighborhood Rules guy here to talk to you about Item Conversion.

This applies to spellbook tags, every kind of production item, every Ritual Scroll, and every Magic Item tag that you have. In addition all PINK colored tags even if they are for weapons, armors, etc must be turned in.

The most important thing to know is that if you want to use your most any of your tags* on the upcoming weekender you will need to do this either by emailing rules.alu@gmail.com or attending the upcoming Open House. The deadline for conversion is the Open House and I'll edit this post when that time is chosen.

If you are not able to do this, we, unfortunately, won't be able to convert Items on-site at Season 2 Episode 1: The Winter Thaw on March 29th - March 31st. However, we will absolutely help you afterward online via rules@alu.gmail.com or subsequent Open Houses: you will have until Feb 2020 to get them converted or else they will 'fade into the Mists.'

An ideal email will include a formatted list of tags that need conversion similar to the post below's redtext example, which is a quote of the example text from pages 2-4 of the Rulebook [ARB 2.0 (v.12b)], but it's long and jargony and as long as you either email or attend the Open House you'll be good.

While most tag exchanges will be very simple and just need to be processed, I'll be happy to assist with brainstorming or laying out options for more complex Magic Item & Scroll conversions that may arise.

And/or you can use this helper sheet for converting both at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Zcf61C3LoPT2cmHgZqLUxsyIZHT8YdOX13jwsXJXklM. (Please note that ARC made it you will need to make a copy of this sheet for your personal use before you can edit it.)

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Once they've updated their characters via the CMA, players will need to update the character's Magic Items. Each Ritual Batch is converted to be 2.0 compliant, with its duration changing to Logistics Periods where appropriate as soon as 2.0 officially rolls out.

Controlled Spirit Store rituals must be converted either to a different (non-catalyst) Ritual or changed to a Regeneration ritual. All other Rituals on the bottle are swapped for Spirit targetable Rituals (existing or new in 2.0) as a Ritual Batch conversion.

Enchanted weapons and Wands may change their type to support changes in character builds. For example, an enchanted Sword can change to a Mace, a Relic, or a Polearm. Similarly, a character might change a Wand to a Relic or a Staff, as some Wand-specific rituals from 1.3 can now be cast on different targets.

Ritual Batches can be moved to different targets, but may not generally be broken up or combined. Each batch is converted individually. You can’t combine one Batch with a Permanence and another Batch without a Permanence and expect them to both be affected by the Permanence, for example. You *can* have multiple batches on the same physical item, but as before, no item may have more than 20 Rituals on it. However, if you choose specific Rituals that require a certain target type (like Item(Weapon)) for a Ritual batch that is going to a different type of item, those specific Ritual Points may be spent on a new batch just for that specific target, and you may need to purchase another Extension ritual out of the remaining Ritual Points for the new batch. An example of this can be found in the helper sheet referenced below.

True Empowerment flaws and "Half Damage from X / Double Damage from X" flaws created via the Ritual Manipulation High Magic are removed from all items; if it is unclear whether such a flaw was due to this High Magic, the flaw should be removed by default.

Ritual Scrolls need to be turned in and converted. Ritual Scrolls have had their targets universally updated as well as some clarifications added throughout. Every Ritual scroll will need to be reprinted. If a Ritual is unchanged in 2.0, the scroll simply needs reprinting in its new form. If a Ritual has been removed or significantly changed in 2.0 (there’s a list of affected Rituals in the Magic Items section), the Rituals will be swapped out for new ones at the player’s choice based on a predetermined formula. Catalyst Required scrolls may not be selected, but Catalyst Optional scrolls may be.

Spellbook tags need to be exchanged. A full spellbook can be exchanged for a full 2.0 spellbook of the same type. If a spellbook is missing some spells, it needs to be missing the same number of spells after trading for a 2.0 tag (though not necessarily the same spells must be missing). The same goes for Alchemical Recipe books.

Production items need to be exchanged. If an item did not change at all in 2.0, it won’t need to be exchanged; however, many Production tags did change. Tags will convert across to their new form as per Appendix 3 (this is very similar to what was available during Playtesting) – for example, a Remove Weakness potion will be exchanged for a Cleanse potion, and a Cure Light Wounds will be exchanged for a 5 Healing potion.

If a tag is entirely removed, it can be exchanged for any item of the same type of the same or lower cost. For example, a Web Battle Magic scroll can be exchanged for any 5th level or lower scroll.

Players need to be ready to go with their characters before that character’s first 2.0 event. Items can be exchanged / converted the first time they are brought into a 2.0 event, but no later than 1 year from when 2.0 goes live – after that, any unconverted items will be lost to the mists and unable to be used in the future.

Players should prepare a list of conversions for each character when they’re ready to do so and submit the list to the appropriate Logistics team(s) before coming to the event; these conversions should NOT be expected to be handled on-site.

For example: Tyler has a 5th level Fighter named Brog. Brog owns a Cloak Ritual Scroll, a Bane Ritual Scroll, a Vision Ritual Scroll, an enchanted sword with several Rituals on it, and several potions including a Remove Weakness, a Cure Light Wounds, a Release, and a Cleanse potion he picked up during a 2.0 Playtest. He also has a Web scroll.

Tyler first uses the CMA to update Brog’s character sheet, then sends an email to his Logistics team noting the following:

Ritual Scrolls –

Trading in: Cloak x1, Bane x1 – exchanging for Assassin’s Edge x2

Needs Reprinting: Vision x1

Magic Items –

Magic Item 123456: Changes to Recharge Prowess x2, Quicken Meditation x1

Production to exchange –

Remove Weakness Potion x1

Cure Light Wounds Potion x1

Web scroll x1 (exchange for Spell Shield scroll)

Note that Tyler doesn’t mention the Release or the Cleanse, neither of which changes.