Urgent Messages from Paladin Jacob Norhelm

Good People of the Bastions and Eire,

In recent weeks, mortals from what is known as the Dark Bastion of Legacy have been leaving into the Deadlands in roves. It is reported that hundreds of these individuals seek refuge. Any who are willing to venture out into the wastes in order to help escort these individuals to safety are welcome to join me. By Royal Edict of Her Majesty, Queen Beah of Eire, any mortals from Legacy seeking refuge will be granted amnesty and accepted as legal citizens into any Bastion or land under The Crown. Upon entering any Bastion or land ruled under Eire Law, all refugees must present themselves immediately to the ruling noble of the respective lands to which they are entering. The ruling noble will then arrange for a removal of Legacy's mark. Ruling nobles are entitled to interrogate any refugee entering their lands if he or she believes a particular refugee is a threat to the safety and security of the commons or land.

Furthermore, there have been recent reports of what appears to be a new Bastion forming in the area of the Deadlands once known as the Black Keep, lands once considered sacred to the Vansir folk. For reasons we have not yet been able to confirm, elemental kin from across the land have been travelling to this area and not returning. We know that many of these elemental kin, until recently, hailed from Thelucia. The motives for their sudden relocation are unclear and we will be sending a party to investigate. Please contact me if you are interested in assisting in either of these two missions.

Thank you,
Lord Paladin Jacob Norhelm

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If anyone is sent to investigate the Black Keep of Karagh, it should be the Vanguard of the Crimson Storm. Humans and celestial casters should not be allowed to tread upon that sacred ground.

I will be contacting you soon.

-Chieftain Ator Thunder-Bringer
Vanguard of the Crimson Storm
Neither The Crown nor the Paladin Council holds patience for bigotry, but sacred lands merit respect. If Justicar Crowe, or another vansir noble of Eire, is willing and able to sponsor your request then this can be a vansir led excursion, but no able-bodied adventurer will be turned away from work based on race or skills in the wizard crafts.

Paladin Norhelm


Lord Paladin,

As ever as your squire, as a friend and servant to Chiram's Hollow, and a person seeking to keep these bastion's safe- I will accompany any group heading into these lands if not for any other reason for my expertise in the Celestial arts. With much and due respect to Thunderbringer, I do so as to help keep the honor of those that lived and died there. I call several of the people known by many names but some would call them Vansir, The Hastur Volg, the kin etc; and though my given profession is an affront to customs and beliefs I carry them close to my heart none the less.

It is troubling that we may have yet another source of evil growing in power in these lands.

For the good of Crown, Kingdom, people and land,
Squire Arato Tabin Silverbough
Leaves of Imerie


Squire Tabin,

Please contact me at your convenience. I anticipate travelling to the area of the Black Keep to investigate this new activity. There are a few things you should be aware of. I look forward to speaking wtih you.

Sir Goliath Stone