Using Camp Mat for Brig or Wisby Plate


I know every marshal is different but just want to get the community thoughts before I move forward with a winter build. I currently have 55 gallon drum plastic plates cut up and between two pieces of duck canvas. I am thinking of making the same thing just using camp mat instead of the plastic drum to reduce weight. Do you think this would still count as looks like metal or would it get downgraded to padded cloth?
It’d be padded cloth, cause, you know, it’s cloth, with pad in it.
Well wasn’t sure with the new looks like rules I guess that is where I was coming from.
Depends on the crafting/paint job I would think. A visual sample would be better to judge if it gets that rating.
From what was described initially, it would be camp pad between two layers of cloth. There’s not a lot to judge the insides on, appearance-wise, so (for me at least) it would come down to feel. Camp pad is squishy, (things pretending to be) metal shouldn’t be.
Camp pad and canvas is just that. Put some rigid material (thin plasticard?) or use cloth designed to look metallic, or dip and paint in a manner that will survive combat, totally different conversation.
Thanks for the advice everyone. Would Eva be firmer enough if it is like gym floor tiles
I’d probably go for something sturdier.
Maybe along the lines of an 1/8” thick pvc sheet.
That should give you stiffness enough to feel like metal, but not be crazy heavy, which I’m guessing is what you’re trying to avoid.
Correct the 55 gallon drum was hard to work with trying to get the curve out was terrible. It is also very heavy it pulls through the canvas pretty regularly. So yes looking for lighter weight hoping it will hold up better.
Something like this may be what you’re looking for:

I’m not 100% sure if that would work, but you should be able to get something that will work (or at least get a feel for if it might) at a sign shop or sign supply place local to you.
Something that looks like metal-brigandine armor would give 3 Armor Points per location (doubled in Chest, Belly, Back, Head). You would not get the +1 "Real" bonus per location since it's EVA and not metal

The kat in the picture seem to be wearing some kind of gambeson underneath, which would give him +1 Cloth-Layering bonus. He would also be well on his way to full points for Master-Craft and In Genre, assuming the rest of his costume matches quality
Something like blank id badge/credit cards might work well between cloth layers.

They're thin, but would still give you the feel of something stiff under the canvas layer. If the dimensions work out for you it's a heck of a lot of cutting time saved. There's also a 500 pack if you wanted to double-layer the cards to make them stiffer.