Utah Goblin Points 2020


What can be obtained?
The document linked below spells out everything available in the Alliance Utah chapter with Goblin Points. In short, you can gain XP, buyback Resurrection consequences, change your build, purchase production items, components, ritual scrolls, workshops, and all sorts of Tagged Roleplay Items like housing, vehicles, farm stuff, fortifications, temporary hirelings and even coin and Magic Items!

ALU Goblin Point Policy

What are Goblin Points?
Goblin Points are our currency for rewarding players for helping the local game. Goblin Points can be earned lots of ways including volunteer labor, providing requested donations of props, working as staff, rewarded for donations of cash, and more. Goblin Points are chapter-specific rewards and are accumulated separately for each chapter. You can see your Goblin Points totals in the CMA. (Sometimes call Goblin Stamps, GS, GP or Gobbies).

How to Get Goblin Points?
Cash Donations are exchanged at the following rate: 5 Goblin Points per $1
General Donations: All General Donations should be pre-approved to maximize goblin stamp compensation. See Donations list on the website and contact GM between events for more information.
Item Donations: For materials follow cash donations policy. For labor see below.
General Labor: 20GS per hour

So you've earned some goblin points. Now how to use them?
All of these Goblin point purchases can be made through Event Pre-Reg Notes and also emailing logistics.utahalliance@gmail.com. Some, where noted also require an email with the Plot Team <plot.utahalliance@gmail.com >

If you are just here to see what Formal Scrolls are now available: ALU Goblin Point Rituals

For a helpful post that further explains the options check out : A Primer on uses for Goblin Stamps