v0.10 - Poll - Perception of combat resolution

If v0.10 were rolled out today....

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Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Definitely a regionally very different game. I see a lot more personal defenses out here (cloaks, banes, dodges) than spell parries. Much more likely to see someone step in front of a shot headed for the person they're defending and call a defense than spell parry it.
That's primarily because there are only like 3 weapons in the chapter with Spell Parries on them. :p


Gettysburg Staff
Biata simply won't be able to deliver sustained damage. Period. Dang. That's rude.
Yeah. I play a 60th level biata scout currently. 10s & 30s with a +0 DA, AA and not a whole lot of other toys. I’ve got a total of 42 per day combat skills (13 of which are pure offense), plus 8 earth spells and alchemy 3.

I’d be dropping down to 10s from the front and a total of 20 levels of Alchemy and/or Create Trap to buy rogue combat skills and defensives.

I end up with 35 combat skills (22 of which are offensive), same 8 earth spells and a bunch of additional takeout and debilitating effects from the trap and alchemy.

Or I go earth scholar with a 10 block and 60 levels of formals swinging 4s and end up with 50 cloaks per event a rebirth and earth aura. I can take a 80-90% offensive pyramid due to team setup and end up with 50 full or partial takeouts, and another 30-40 situational takeouts (disarm, silence, shatter, etc.), and some healing.