How did the rescue of the Emperor go?

Thank you for handling that.

It did not go well.
Some outside force has been tampering with my use of the Tome, and the heat last Market forced me to spend nearly all my magic throughout the day regulating my body temperature, I apologize I was not around to properly handle whatever situation arose. As for the Emperor, I'm afraid I had little choice in the matter. I was dismissed once we made it to his domicile, and he was incredibly mistrusting of my intentions, therefore I was unable to help anything that occurred after.

I would appreciate hearing the details of the situation, as I would like to correct it, however, the next time a rescue of such importance is needed, I would suggest that it be treated as such, instead of a simple "errand", as it was explained to me. The complications were self evident in this matter, but I had no power to combat them alone, nor did I have any information of who to trust.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, First of the Seekers.

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It's ok. My terse statement was probably overly harsh.
Unfortunately, the Whisperer has infiltrated a large bulk of the Imperial Regime so more than likely the Emperor is re-imprisoned.
We don't yet have a plan to fix the situation. Other than rebellion or open warfare.

I have a plan, if you're open to it: Lord Sunseeker is, from my impressions after the meeting held with him last Market, trustworthy as a shelter for the Emperor, should we attempt to harbor him somewhere while the infiltration is dealt with. My only question is, why hasn't the Emperor been killed? From the Whisperers perspective, I don't see why he's important alive.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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Everyone underestimates the value of a pawn.
Ahlana, we'll probably need that key to be available for the town in general.