Vials on Shields


Seattle Staff
Public Relations Committee
whats the best method you’ve seen/used for carrying potion vials on a shield for easy access?


Gettysburg Staff
Some of it will depend on what the shield is made of.

I had a coroplast shield with a double sided cloth cover on it that had channels seen into it for vials and a bunch of eleastoc loops for packets.

You could simply drill through whatever the shield is made of (assuming something on the harder side, wood or coroplast, but probably not insulation foam), and pull elastic through to make loops directly in the shield itself.

Or get one of the shotgun shell holders (either belt style or one off the butt sleeves (lol)) and affix those directly to the shield, but again, you would need a harder material, assuming you wanted it to not fall off.


South Michigan Staff
You want rifle round bandoliers, affix it however works with your shield, but the bubblewand/chemistry vials fit best in rifle round bandoliers as opposed to shotgun shells.