Victory, an Apology and Forgiveness


My Friends and fellow Adventurers,

Pardon me as it had taken time for me to collect my thoughts. Before we met this last gather, I had feared the worst for our survival and the continuance of the adventurers of Ardic. I could not be more proud of all of you. Spark, Shakiss, and Krane; you rose above my expectations. I know when you are young all you dream of is killing goblins and collecting gold. But you proved more worthiness than that. To be an adventurer is to fight for the people.

Princess. You have been such a joy in all of this. Your goals have been clear, and while we struggled to work together in the beginning, we wouldn’t have achieved this without your ethic of team work. In short, thank you for being my friend.

XXI, Finch and Aldarus. I have not known any of you for long. However, Finch and Aldarus, the time I have spent with you, while you may be self interested. I often find you extending a hand to the people who need you. And I admire that. I wish that for all adventurers. XXI, though this was our first meeting, the service you paid to this realm was magificent. When I hired you, I had not expected so much. You were bright, thoughtful and most noteworthy, admirable ally.

Nom. While we may not alway see eye to eye I appreciate your guidance. Your willingness to help and carve a path will always hold a place in my heart.

Anya. I have seen you grow beyond what I had anticipated. Perhaps it is your newly found ears, but more likely it is your ability to connect with all people, and specifically those of nature. I look forward to working alongside you in the future.

Maxwell. Thank you for your sacrifice. Words may not begin to describe to gratitude I feel. While I know the pain of those lost stings. Know I, and so many others are here for you, and with you.

And to everyone who helped: thank you. Every effort put forward in that fight was what lead us to win. To kill the Emporer. We would not have been able to otherwise.

I would like to apologize for my solemn nature after the final fight. I had always seen my duty to Roefield. But upon reflection, while my responsibilities also lie there, I am more importantly sworn to you. I want everyone of you who fought that night to know, I am beyond proud of you. The variance, the strength and the courage was admirable and almost in describable. I want everyone to understand I will be here for Ardic, for the lands beyond Ardic; because I am here for the adventurers. The lives lost were tragic, but the lives save are valuable.

May we all forgive the Empire. The treachery that reigned there was not a result of the people. Or even most of those in Nobility. But of one sad man who let fear and corruption lead his heart. May we all find this as a time of healing.

May the sea be clear of clouds and may every star light your way.

-Duchess Saro of the Land of Now Here