Visiting Parson's Breach

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A humming noise comes from the market place.

A hooded figure passes through the portal. The figure staggers for a second or two.

"Using the portal will probably always feel strange. At the same time it is souseful. Not a whole lot appeared to have change at market place."

The man walks in the market place looks at Yetta's place and slows down by the Earth Circle as he continues in the Breach.
Sitting by the fire Stig hear the hum of the portal and footsteps. He turns to only briefly see the hooded figure pass into the market.
"Hmm. Who Dat? Stig make sure no bad man doin bad things"
Turning the corner into the market Stig sees the figure looking at Yetta's and the Earth circle, and thinking it could be a thief of some sort Stig decides to approach.
"EY! Hoody man. Who you? Vhat doing? "
The hooded man turns around. As he moves you can see that he is covered in vines.

As he removes the hood, he says:

“My apology Stig. I put the hood on hoping it would decrease the uneasiness traveling by portal causes.”

You are now facing smiling dryad holding a wooden staff

“I am Bota dryad of the First Forest and Keeper of the Inner circle of the Earthweavers. We met before when I came to the Breach on August of the year 114"

Bota offers you a handshake.

" Stig, It is a pleasure to see you."
Hearing voices outside the Pleasure Palace, Morrigan steps outside, her business with Yetta concluded.

Seeing Bota, she smiles broadly and approaches quickly saying "Bota! Lad are ye ever a sight for sore eyes! It is good ta have ya back in tha Breach again"
Stig looks at the dryad with a tilted head for a moment trying to remember him but does not recall meeting him.
"ER....MEH. If Morigan like dis Bota then Stig Probly like too"
Stig grabs the out reached arm of the dryad and gives a good shake.
"Ok. HI" he says with a smile.
"Ach, my eyes are fine, 'tis just a term we use back home when we see someone we havna seen in a wee bit. You look well lad. We coulda used ya a couple weeks ago when we went after the necromancer Kara Vale....phew was that a fight. We dinna get her yet, but we will."
"I am glad it is just a saying. It seems everyone got different sayings. It is exciting to learn more of them. About Kara Vale, I am terribly sorry to hear your attempt did not succeed. I hope she be done soon. What happened?"
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"Her having too large a force round her. But ve all plan 'n get stronger for next time. Ve vas lead vell but they very just too strong" Stig say while giving Morigan a slight nudge with a smile.
"Mobious go home"
" I suppose he is back at working on restoring the Remmington's land. I am sure you have other good people working on a plan. Now I have find if there is a spot available for me to live until I leave."
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"Sorry. Stig hear da Evo yelling. Go see vhy"
With that Stig nods to Morigan and Bota leaving the marketplace
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