Volunteer Reward Picks


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Hi everyone!

As you know, we offer picks from our wacky magic bag for people who volunteer to help out the chapter. This bag includes goodies like magic items, goblin stamps, and event discounts.

The following people are on my list to receive one or more item picks.

If you are on the list, please contact me (by forum PM, Facebook messenger, or on the hill) and I will have you draw to get your reward.

If you are not on the list and believe you should be, please send an email with the details to gm@alliancesf.net and we'll see what's up.

Thank you for chipping in to help the chapter run smoothly!

Current magic bag picks owed
, updated 4/5/2018. These can be redeemed for a pick from the bag, or for goblin stamps:
  • Joseph Altmaier (1 minor pick)
  • Andrew Altmaier (1 minor pick)
  • Vanessa Grey (1 minor pick)
  • Miles Atherton (2 minor picks)
  • Curtis Newbrough (1 minor pick)
  • Spencer Winter (1 minor pick)
  • Jess Watkins (1 minor pick)
  • Victoria Gardiner (2 minor picks)
  • Victoria Hall (1 minor pick)
  • Jason Warlock (1 minor pick)
  • Amanda Ditmore (1 major pick)
  • Jessie Norden (1 minor pick)
  • Ryan Galiotto (1 minor pick)
  • Mark Mensch (1 minor pick)
  • Andrew Worley (1 major pick)
  • Brittanie O. (1 minor pick)
  • Luke Goldsmith (1 minor pick)
  • Emily Mungo (1 minor pick)
  • Darcie Warner-Thomas (1 minor pick)
  • Brandon Cloe (1 major pick, 1 minor pick)
  • Aubrey Cloe (1 major pick)
The following players are eligible for a $10 discount on their April 2018 event fee (or for a pick or gobbies as above):
  • Jessie Norden
  • John Azzaria
  • Anthea Tuley
  • Grant Winter
  • Brian Haines
  • Brandon Cloe
  • Alex Webber
  • Miles Atherton
  • Ria De Los Santos
  • Alina Skripets
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San Francisco Staff
We've made some additions to our volunteer reward policy!

Those who help with clean-up after the event will have several options for how we reward them. Volunteers will have their choice of one of the three following rewards:
  • A pick from our bag, as above
  • 100 goblin stamps
  • A $10 discount on the next event fee.
Please note that this discount can only be redeemed on ASF events, and only on the event immediately following the event where you helped at site clean up. So if you help clean in March, you are eligible for a $10 discount on your April event fee. If you don't use the discount at the following event, you will still have your choice of gobbies or a pick from the bag.

To choose and redeem your rewards, please contact me by forum PM, or Facebook message. (You can also send an email to gm@alliancesf.net, but the other two are likely to get a faster response.)
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Regarding the discount: is that usable on the chapter's next event, or the campaign's next event? As we generally tend to alternate, it would tend to not be usable by folks who only PC one of the campaigns if it's the next chapter event.


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Excellent point.

You can use the discount at the next scheduled event, or if the next event is a campaign you don’t play, the next scheduled event of that campaign. You can only ever use one discount voucher per event, though, and they will still convert to gobbies or picks after the next scheduled events for both campaigns have passed.