Walking inside

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Hyväksyä looked over the inside of the building, it was nice, but would be put to shame by so many of the buildings back home. Closing the door behind her, the dark elf looked for a servant or a lower ranked guild member she could speak to. Although that is not where she wanted her conversation to end. She wanted to make an appointment to speak with the Fate Spinner, as she did have questions but did not want to hold this conversation in front of all the earth casters of the Breach.

Standing in the entrance way, she brushed a bit of snow off her shoulder. Then looked around again for someone she could speak to.
The old woman at the nearby counter finishes with a young Tari-nor, then looks up and smiles. She beckons her over.
Hyväksyä moves up to the counter and addresses the old woman.

"Hello, I would like to make an appointment to speak to the Fate Spinner. We had spoken briefly the other day, and I would like to continue our conversation at her convenience. My name is Hyväksyä Viiru Kauppaedustaja."
Mar enters pausing by the dark elf "miss" he says nodding to her then looking to the receptionist "I spoke to the fatespinner last weekend about seeing one of your guilds upper people about an injury" he says shifting slightly "i doubt i need to bother the lady herself specially since umm the miss was here first" he nods to Hyväksyä "sorry for callin you miss i'm terrible at names"
((sorry if i'm intruding on your topic it seemed proper to post here since mar also would have to go through reception))
Hyväksyä bristled, this... thing had the nerve to interrupt her conversation? Not bothering to dignify it with a response, she waited for the old woman to speak.
The old woman looks over her glasses at Mar. "The healers can be found down that hall and are more than capable of taking care of your injury." She nods towards a hallway across from the desk, bearing a sign directing visitors to the healers.

She looks up and smiles at Hyväksyä. "Give me one moment to see if the Fatespinner is available." she turns to a young man wearing a green tabard. "Hal, run upstairs and see if the Fatespinner is available. Be quick now."

The boy nods then hurries off and up a nearby staircase. He returns after about ten minutes, breathing hard but nodding vigorously.

"Good!" The old woman claps her hands together, then turns back to Hyväksyä. "Hal can show you to the Fatespinner." Hal looks at the dark elf with wide eyes, as though he's never seen one before. Even in a city like this, he probably hasn't. He beckons to her and starts towards the stairs at a normal pace.
"Thank you." Hyväksyä says to the old woman, then follows the boy. A slight scowl crosses her face in response to being waved over as a servant might be. With a sigh, her expression relaxes as she continues along.
Mar leaves returning soon after "you know what miss I'd actually rather see the fate spinner once she's done talkin with the dark elf. There's buisiness related to my injury I need to speak to her on"
The old woman looks at Mar over her glasses with one eyebrow raised. "No one has called me "miss" in a fair number of years, young barbarian.

Unfortunately, the Fatespinner is a very busy person, what with leading all the Earth Weavers of Calanda. She will not be available again until after the King's Masquerade. Even then, you should be seeking the assistance of your local Earth Weaver leader first. Protocol, young barbarian. Not just anyone can see a noble."
"With all that's happened I can't be sure who my local leader is" mar replies trying to keep his tone even "please give the fate spinner a note from me at least? It's about an issue I've spoken with her on before" he writes the note quickly and offers it to the old woman -Note in pm-
The old woman takes the note, then gives Mar a stern look. "As I said, the Fatespinner will not be available again until after the King's Masquerade. You look like part of the group from Parson's Breach. Your local leader would be Isawda, and has been for some months. Now, I have others who need assistance." She then turns to the next person waiting at the counter, indicating the conversation is over.
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