Wanted and some News


Greetings Townsfolk, Adventurers of Silvervale, and Members of the Magpie,

The other Barons and I are seeking a source of blight. The closer to the blight the better.
The blight can infect some animals simply by the animals eating blighted materials. We discovered this by examining a folk-sized blighted bee. In its stomach, we discovered blighted material it had eaten.

This led to the order of feeding the giant caterpillar to ensure it did not partake in any blighted plant food. Do, NOT attack the caterpillar, it is NOT blighted. If you do attack it, it will be considered an attack on one of the Barons. Subdue it only if you are attacked. The caterpillar has not been hostile in the past towards anyone.

We are NOT looking for something that became blighted in this manner. We are seeking something that came directly from the blight, be it a creature from the blight to an Item from the blight.

Please use extreme caution when dealing with the blight so as to not become infected yourself.

A reward will be granted

I would also like to remind everyone, DO NOT pour out necromantic potions. An experiment was conducted and it was found that over time this can cause rifts to open and leak miasma into the town. Necromancy contributes to the blight and necromantic items need to be destroyed in a proper fashion. ALL Necromantic items are illegal and if found will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you,

-Baron Locke Helbrass
-The Plateau of crowns
-Third District Ramsgate
-Barony of Voss

We still need a source close to the blight. The reward is still open!

-Baron Locke Helbrass
-The Plateau of Crowns
-Third District Ramsgate
-Barony of Voss