Wanted: "Foreman" Cedum

Dear fellow Adventurers,

I would be most grateful for your assistance in apprehending Cedum, a foul-hearted man who wielded necromancy for personal gain. He is guilty of having commanded undead to do construction work as his bidding, and claims to provide quality service as a huge savings. He also is a master of disguise, and will use his magical arts to parade as other personas. The Order of the Pearled Heart was able to take him into custody, but he unfortunately was able to escape using his wit and craftiness. Lastly, his hubris and utilitarian greed knows no bounds- a danger wherever fast coin can be made.

If you have any information regarding him or his whereabouts, or are willing to aid in his capture, there will be a reward. Many thanks.

Housemother Adlao- HM, OPH

You see many posters depicting a pompous, handsome villain with a rather dapper beard and mustachio combo smirking at the viewer posted all across Gavaria's duchies.

How much of a reward you offering?

Frank, a Cobler from Puxil Cove
Greetings to you, Goodman Frank,

The Order of the Pearled Heart is offering 1 Silver Coin for any information up front, with another 9 Silver Coins afterwards if the information provides a significant lead in this case. If your information and assistance leads to Cedum’s apprehension, you will be awarded a Platinum Coin.

Necromancy is always and everywhere abhorrent, and has no place in our lands (let alone misogynistic necromancy), and we are grateful to you for your support in upholding this Truth.

With great care,
Housemother Adlao- HM, OPH
Adlao distributes the following brand new Artist rendered posters to her many Orphans, who gayly and gleefully scamper across the duchies giggling as they go to hang them up wherever the eye is tastefully drawn...

*Sketch courtesy of The Brothers

May I ask under who's authority these crimes were judged.

asking with curiosity
Clerk Marcus.