Wanted Kaden of the Brothers Ear


In a realm where magic and honor intertwine, let it be known to all that on this Day, a solemn declaration is issued:

ARREST WARRANT To all noble citizens, knights, and guardians of the realm, and to the mystical beings of this enchanted land, heed this decree:

KADEN OF THE BROTHERS EAR, you stand accused of a heinous act against the bonds of kinship and the laws of our realm. It is alleged that you, with intent and malice, did unlawfully and wickedly abduct your own flesh and blood, KASPIAN OF THE BROTHERS EAR.

This act of treachery has struck at the heart of our realm's values and is deemed a grave offense against both our people and the laws of Silvervale. By the powers vested in me as listed in the Silvervale accords, and in the name of the Silvervale Council, an arrest warrant is hereby issued for your immediate apprehension.

You are to be brought forth, unharmed but bound by the chains or other magical means, to stand before the Silvervale Council for a fair and just trial. The forces of our realm shall oversee that justice prevails.

Failure to heed this call shall be met with the full might of our warriors and the wrath of the elements themselves.

May the light of truth guide us, and may honor be restored to the Brothers Ear.

Issued on this Day,
Baron Locke Helbrass
Baron Altohtaro Armand
Silvervale Council