Wayfarer's Guild Dispatch: URGENT! Sudden Attack at Cyric's End


Attention Wayfarer's Guild Members and Adventurers at Large,

This evening, a distant humming sound was heard from the eastern border of Cyric's End, the side that faces The Absence. As the moon rose, a swarm of brown skinned creatures with glowing white cracks covering their bodies attacked the town with no provocation or attempts to communicate. It has since been confirmed that these creatures are consistent with what records describe as "Magic Eaters", a magical creature which was connected to a series of attacks against the Kingdom of Caldaria almost a decade ago.

The Magic Eaters swept through the Outpost of Cyric's End. Two dozen of the civilian personnel hid behind a Ward only to see it be drained and consumed by a circle of a ten or more these "hungry" figures. Several high ranking members of the Wayfarer's guild, including myself and Brawngard Anvilknuckles, assaulted them only to find a majority of our abilities rendered useless from their cryptic defensive abilities. Brawngard even reported that his arcane armor and enchanted wand failed to function after one particularly brutal attack from one of the larger creatures.

Thanks in part to a quick defensive scramble, and the aid of a nearby Earthmoot patrol, the entire swarm of Magic Eaters crumbled and sparked out of existence. There were surprisingly few casualties, thanks in part to several civilians surviving blows that normally would have critically injured them. In the chaos of the fight, we cannot confirm whether or not this was simply luck, or something connected to the Magic Eaters.

The Wayfarer's Guild is calling adventurers to the Outpost of Cyric's End in order to determine the cause of the attack and to establish diplomatic communications with Ansconi of Eletheria and The Citizens of Earthmoot to determine the extent of these attacks.

Jacqueline Oddway
Wayfarer's Guild Dispatcher