Waylay is a carrier?

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As per Bryan's reply he states that Waylay is a carrier?

That just cannot be right. Waylay is a SKILL. This would change the balance of this skill immensely.

Can this be clarified ASAP?
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Waylay is an effect in the "Other" effect group as per page 98 of the ARB. Any effect can be used as a carrier attack at Plot's discretion (though ARC would advise that Plot carefully consider the ramifications of some effects before using them as carrier attacks). "Carrier" as a term is never defined very well in the rulebook, but at the end of the day it's simply a reference to using an effect with a weapon swing.

Note that while Slay, Eviscerate, Terminate, and Assassinate all have explicit exceptions allowing their combination with a normal weapon carrier (Normal, Silver, etc.) Waylay does not. When used with a weapon, it is the only carrier allowed to be called on the swing.

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Bryan Gregory
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