[.11] Weapon Damage Scaling Suggestion


At the moment, each weapon proficiency (WP) purchase increases damage by 1 for 1-Hand weapons and 1.5 for 2-Hand weapons. Additionally in 2.0 slay will be scaling off base damage. Base damage varies from 1-4; with dagger at 1 and heavy crossbow at 4. Non-dagger 1-Hand weapons and staff and shortbow are 2 base damage. 2Hand weapons except staff and shortbow are 3 base damage.

I'd like to suggest that we should remove +50% damage scaling on WP with 2-Hand weapons and instead increase 2-Hand weapon (except staff and shortbow) base damage to 4.

In 2.0, there was a push to reduce static damage at the high end while making low level fighters more effective by moving WP to having a cheaper initial cost but one that scales up as you buy more of them. 2-Hand weapon damage scaling at 1.5 per WP seems to be counter to the goal of reducing static damage at the high end while strengthening earlier game play. With slay scaling off of base damage and the increasing cost of WP, this provides plenty of the incentive for fighters to use them. It removes the inconsistency for archers of weapon proficiencies increasing bow damage by 1.5 while backstab increases bow damage by 1. Previously 2-Hand weapons needed more of a boost in comparison to weapon&shield because of how strong shield was, but the 2.0 also includes multiple rules changes concerning shield use that decreases that need. This mildly weakens heavy crossbow, but only by not making it the damage king.