Weapon swings


In the 2.0 rules there are plenty of effects that can be swung with the weapon qualifier but without the strike qualifier, these are typically referred to as blows in the new rules. Sleep/enfeeble blow is a good example. It is not a strike and does not do damage. The call for that would be "weapon sleep" or "weapon enfeeble" with a swung weapon.


Oregon Staff
There are multiple parts to a call and I'll break them down. [Damage] [Qualifier] [Strike] [Effect]

If it has a Damage number number attached to it, be it packet or weapon delivered, has to get through your armor for the effect to happen. 10 Arcane Doom, 10 Arcane Strike Doom, 10 Doom, or anything similar would not kill you unless you had 9 or less armor left. If it does not have a number attached to it then if it is a legal hit you take the effect, Weapon Doom, Weapon Strike Doom, Spell Doom would all outright send you to dead unless you have the proper defense.

The qualifier tells you what defenses you can use against it [with a few odd corner cases that aren't particularly important in regards to the poison qualifier]. Arcane, Weapon, Spell, Elemental, or Poison will tell you in general what defenses work against that attack. It's not uncommon for plot teams to put out monsters that can deliver standard effects with non-standard qualifiers. "Elemental Prison" for example couldn't be guarded against by a Spell Shield even though Prison is normally cast as a spell, it would need an Elemental Shield or some other Elemental defense (Resist Element for example). If no qualifier is given on an attack, it's assumed to be Weapon.

The Strike keyword simply means "This weapon delivered attack follows packet hit rules". So it can't be blocked by a shield/weapon etc.

The Effect is just that, what effect the attack has. If there is a number attached, it's called a "carrier" effect, and only applies if you take body damage. If you're under a Fortress effect, you can take weapon swings of 5 Doom all day long as you're immune to weapon attacks with that small a damage number. Certain effects have no real additional impact on gameplay as a PC. Unless there is a plot reason otherwise, Normal, Silver, Magic, Stone, Lightning, Ice and Flame all have no additional effect beyond the damage done. A few carriers effect damage mitigation abilities [Earth, Chaos, Body and Massive], but they're the exception.