Weapons custom made for you


You've probably read my tutorial and though to yourself, "this guy makes it look easy, I think I'll give it a try!" and then you find out that it ain't that easy and that ol' Wynar is really good at what he does.
But there is hope!
The truth is, it is as easy as headin' over to http://www.wynar.com/ , tellin' me what you want, shellin' out a little cabbage, waitin' for the big brown truck to pull up in front of your house, and then commence a beatin' on your nearest and dearest friends!
So c'mon over to Wynar's and have yourself a beatin' good time!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
These look fantastic, but they don't look like legal Alliance weapons. That makes them unusable for us as far as fighting with them goes (you could maybe use them as an object that you can't hit people with, like some kind of plot item). Looks like selling to the Alliance folks might not rake in a whole lot, but it might (people can always use these things for their OOG adventures between events).

Regardless, these things do look very awesome! Keep up the excellent work!
latex, in and of itself does not necessarily dis-qualify a weapon from being Alliance safe. The main issue is that most latex weapons don't have 2" by 2" open cell foam on the tips and pommels. However just from the pictures I can't tell what kind of foam is under the latex.

They definitely look very pretty. :)


HQ Staff
These do look awesome... (*edited) he started in Dagohir according to his bio, so that's likely the rules set they're based on. That being said, they also look like most, if not all can be modified to our specs if the maker is willing (I even think I saw an axe that did indeed have a thrusting tip).



Has anyone from alliance ordered from Wynar? His stuff looks awesome! And he does say that he will build to whatever rules we play with in his FAQ:

Send me a list of what you want, what rules set they are for, and we will go from there.
Some questions for alliance rules marshals:

1) Are latex shields allowed? I haven't seen any shields at HQ that weren't foam covered in duct tape...

2) I thought I had heard that latex weapons without thrusting tips are allowed, as long as they aren't used for waylay and stabbing. Is this right?



Not to mention he does all his work custom.

So if you want Alliance-legal, you can get Alliance-legal. Just give him the stats. Ditto with shields.
I was just on his site and all his stuff looks awesome! however, I would like to hear from anyone who has bought from him to assure he delivers. I've been cheated before (shadowdale creations) and I don't plan too again