Weekend Event, Oct 8-10


October 8-10
Camp Cutter

Member PC Pricing: $75 at the door. $65 if pre-registered by October 1st.
Non-Member PC Pricing: $85 at the door. $75 if pre-registered by October 1st. (Food is not included. This is for a one event membership fee.)
NPC Pricing: $0. (Food is included, but we recommend you bring some extra snacks and drinks.)
Note: Yearly membership fee is $25.
Please send prereg information to "logistics@alliancesf.net".
Paypal payments can be sent to siestrion@yahoo.com if you wish to prereg.
For other payment options, please PM "Siestrion".
You will only be considered prereg'ed if you have submitted payment and have sent your information to Logistics.
Please include Alliance SF and your name & character name in the description for payment.

This camp has a lodge with bedrooms, showers, kitchen, and an attached hall. First reg'ed, first served on the bedrooms, (lodging for about 23).
Please send bunk requests to "Siestrion" and "Whorfin" after you've prereg'ed.
Overflow lodging is available at the Minto campsite. It is about a 3 minute walk away from the lodge, and has a number of Tent platforms, which come equipped with two cots and a closet/dresser. You may also camp outside in tents at Minto if you wish.

If you wish, there are separate cabins (that sleep 8 ). These are slightly closer than the tent camping site. If you choose this option, it will incur a further $100/night charge, with a deposit of $100 to secure your reservation.
Please see the post, "November 14-16 pricing and reservation policy" for more information about sleeping/reservation options. http://alliancesf.net/forum/index.php?topic=367.0

Map of Camp Cutter: http://pacsky.org/openrosters/DocDownload.aspx?id=60646
We have the lodge, cabins, and the fire area on the shore of the lake.

Map to Camp Cutter: http://pacsky.org/openrosters/DocDownload.aspx?id=60647