WEEKEND REVIEW: "A Cry in the Distance" (SEPTEMBER 2017)

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As fall begins to set in, the weight of the impending move begins to set in...

Quick turnaround! Please have IBGAs and MI picks in by OCTOBER 7th.

**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC FB group. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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1. The homeguard patrols were awesome. Now that we have a large enough group of us and are starting to expand our avenues of approach beyond "walk in and stab things" they're getting interesting.

Our bards were really showing their strengths too this time around. That was nice.

2. There's nothing I can think to complain about. It was cold?

3. At the rate I was going about doing things I didn't have time for anything else.

4. The doll finished singing, and his spine was traced with ice. Whatever had made these things had either left them alone for so long that they had started to go insane, or worse had built them this way in the first place. What could be so mad as this, to create such wonders and let them fall to psychosis. He glanced at Ruki, trying to keep his composure, and suggested they move away before they became the subject of the next song.

1. This weekend has been a LOT of fun. Quite possibly my favorite of the season.
-The corruption! It was so much fun to get to play around with it/the roleplay. It's too bad I couldn't see how it progressed...
-The roleplay/standoff between me vs Kumari, Jaxx, Kadira, Kato, Elwynd. Honestly? Highlight of the weekend for me! It was intense, heartbreaking...but so worth it. Plus, I got to swing chaos and didn't die for it :D (I died for other reasons)
-The Dark Reaches were fantastic. The creepy dolls were just that, Jeff was a nightmare, the fey lord was just the best. And while it sucks that we lost Evo, getting to roleplay it after that was fantastic (the dead quiet boat ride home....)
-Getting to be 'peaceful, let's be friends!' Ruki again! Stumbling across the Unspoken and the Quartermaster was awesome....offering myself up as a bargaining chip in peace talks was also fun. I feel like Ruki and Jinn now have a bond!
-Rank 3 in the AS, baby!
-The Underground Forest, as always, is amazing and a highlight
-The beast-construct showing up on Friday night was super shocking.
-The Sunday fight against the beast-construct was also great.
-The NPCs were all on point this weekend.

2. -It was cold!
-I also dislike that I forgot about the double damage during the Sunday battle. Oops.
-Would have liked another month or so with the corruption to see where it went, but oh well

3. Character death (4 this weekend? That's crazy!)! It adds great roleplay moments, and will make people more cautious/fearful. We are supposed to live in a dangerous area...

4. Jaxx called Ruki over, Kumari flanking him. He pulled out a vial and handed it to Ruki, "Drink this."

Without even examining, he knew what was in this vial. Whenever Jaxx offered his student an elixir, it was never good. "No. This is my life, I'm not going to throw it away."

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," Jaxx said sternly.

Ruki began to back up, putting distance between Kumari and Jaxx, drawing a few gas globes.

"Alright then..." Jaxx began to do the same.

Ruki knew he was outmatch and did the only thing he was particularity good at...he ran. He ran as fast and as hard as he could, with Kumari, Jaxx and a good chunk of the fort in tow. If he was going to die on this day, he wouldn't make it easy.
1. Post your favorite moments
Honestly, getting to npc for a mod.
Getting a few commissions for Saturday log.
The gopher fight I spent more time repairing armour than fighting lol

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Having to work on Sunday
(I did not find it particularly cold, you all are crazy) :p

3. What you would like to see more of
Blacksmiths, it felt like me and Morgan were the only ones repairing armour during the gopher fight.

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
We had made it past the shadow fighters and got to what appeared to be a grove with a large tree growing in the middle, and my tension that I did not know was building dissipated. We were safe here. We all felt it. Except for Ruki, he was having difficulty approaching the tree and no one seemed to care. I turned back and helped him join the rest of us and stayed by his side during the conversation. Ruki is a friend and you support your friends. And I seemed to have been the only one caring to do that.
1. Post your favorite moments

This whole event was a favorite moment. THE DOLLS!!! I loved the dolls! Being a hostage with Ruki gave us a bond, which made the role playing the next day that much harder! The role playing throughout the event was fantastic as well! Going on the more serious events like the forest and dark reaches added a feeling of severity and gave me a great chance to learn more of the back story as to whats going on and what we face. It really opened Jinn's eyes to what was going on around him, especially with the loss of Evo. All of this gave me the chance for more character development which i really enjoyed. Jinn is not just the joking wee wi he seems to be.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)

I can't think of anything.

3. What you would like to see more of

more dolls for sure!!! I really enjoyed the more personal plot going on with Ruki that I got to join in the roleplay with at the end. Being happy and joking is easy, but the more serious things like putting down a friend or also losing one in the dark reaches and being left not knowing what will happen add's so much more depth to the roleplay and the characters around me, along with myself. The intensity of the dark reaches was amazing! All in all Just the chance for more in depth roleplaying!

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

Hearing Seigert take command as the construct edged closer filled Jinn with confidence. His years of wandering had kept him blind to the major evils in this world, but now was not the time to falter. Casting his last spell, he could feel his power waning, so he did what he could do best... yell! He watched over the battlefield, and did his best to bring some order to the chaos "Blacksmiths to the back, We need shields to protect them! Target the creatures knee's, the shoulders are down! We need healing to the left side!!" He was never a military type, or a leader of any sort. But as he had just felt, sometimes all that is needed is a strong voice.
I had a very good time-- through some intense RP moments, and a large amount of plot that I'm not sure I kept up with.

1. Favourite moments: I came in low energy (as I have a lot lately-- sorry!) and right away, I felt reconnected with my LARP people. I really needed that. There are so many good players, and I feel like we've evolved as a chapter to a place where we really do support one another. Dying was... a remarkably OK experience! Evo knew the risks, and (wherever he is) I'm sure he trusts his companions to find him. Watching the aftermath OOG was really intense (looking at you, Kai).

2. Less favorite moments: It's been all summer and it seems like we're just now starting to get our act together with the whole building-and-supplying-the-new-fort thing. If we had to do it all over again, I would like to have seen it come together differently. While our PCs have 30 days of life lived between events, I'm lucky to focus on LARP for a couple hours outside of game. Civil engineering, planning, and just taking proper notes on all of the hooks we have seen in game is frankly overwhelming. I'm kind of afraid we're going to be punished for crappy planning, when I just feel like this isn't how it would go down, if our actual day jobs were to build a new outpost. I loved the architect interviews that I could be present for, but on the whole it feels like we have been required to step up and take on a huge role that we aren't quite able to process in playable, enjoyable chunks. Not sure what I'm recommending or asking for but there you go. I'm sure I should have submitted more IBGAs. But-- I don't know; if we get income from our Craftsman skills, maybe have the option of foregoing that income to devote these Craftsman ranks toward the new outpost? Then we might get little notes: "Your Actuarial skill was applied toward creating a ledger for XXXXX, and your Sheep Shearing skill was used in negotiations with Baron Q, who has promised ### Wool for the first winter." Or, maybe not.

3. More of: Interaction with fishbowls and wandering NPCs-- provided we as PCs take the bait! I know there's been a lot of frustration around sending NPCs into town, and getting the silent treatment for 2 hours. How can we address that? PCs need to be more nosy or sociable, and maybe have NPCs come in with icebreakers? A weird or unique item, something the NPC wants for themselves, a reason to interact. IRL, when I see a stranger who's standoffish or quiet, I don't get in their personal space and try to get them to open up unless I have a reason, personal or professional. And of course that kind of goes two ways. But in game-- I love the opportunity to RP with our NPCs as a counterpoint to meeting on the field of honour. :)

4. A moment: Evo ducks right to avoid the main group of mechanical thugs rising from the heaps of scrap. They never actually attacked on our way in, maybe we-- No. It's apparent that the scrappers have found the courage they lacked the first time through. Evo hesitantly raises his wand-- is there ever a good time to engage an enemy in the Dark Reaches? He pushes past one, its blows ineffectively light. But with a clear path ahead, Evo's back is exposed. He feels a surge as his magic armour absorbs a deadly strike! He pulls magic to himself: "I grant m---" The words die on his lips with the second strike and he spins to face his attacker in shock. A breathless shout escapes as he crumples at his attacker's metal feet. As the dim light rushes away, Evo's lips form a grim confidence: "...it will be only moments before one of my companions lifts me up..."
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1. Post your favorite moments
the home guard patrols were fantastic working as a team splitting up to take on an ambush ((again sorry johm (i'm sure I spelled that wrong) for not being able to unparalyze you))
sneaking up in a scouting party with ruki and johm was also fun got to use some hand signals and good tactics till ruki was compelled to reveal himself.
talking with that lord and some others on the steps of cabin 3 was fun negotiating with him to potentially gain us the workers we'd need
bryan as the gopher tormenting jinn

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
personally don't have anything that comes to mind generally I enjoyed myself.

3. What you would like to see more of
more of what we've been doing cross guild co operation information sharing and just good old teamwork and maybe a chance or two

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Mar clenched his teeth as he walked through the piles of scrap careful not to disturb anything the signs were all around them that a dangerous machine was stalking the area and their group waiting for a chance to strike he'd done his best to warn his companions cautioning them again loud noises while in the scrap but they seemed ignorant of the danger believing that the malfunction following them was the hunter he sensed. with a sigh he rested his hand on his sword and moved forward all that could be done now was to hope they kept to his warnings well enough to not add to the enemies they faced as an odd collection of scrap wearing bots come into view.

gophers ******* gophers this is what the whole town came after go....**** they bite hard mangy beasts. mars train of thought was broken as one lunged for jinns back moving swiftly Mar lunged and deflected the furry little bullet then smiled a momentary grin at least these furry things were a target to take out some frustration on.
1. As it was my first event, its very difficult to decide what my favorite moment, but what sticks out to mind off the hop was when I randomly got whisked up into a patrol; One second I was sparing with Garath in a field the next I was watching one of my party offer himself up declaring the problems all be solved by an orgy... It was the first time I really started to feel like i was in a new place and that I really was my character. actually i changed my mind, Ghophers, were my favorite moment particularly when one of the larger gophers declared I nibble you once, I nibble you twice, I nibble you three times and your mask falls off. my mask falls off only to reveal that another mask was underneath it. :)

2. My least favorite moments are no fault of the organizers, honestly as much as I wanted to sink myself into the game it was difficult at first because i was caught between feeling silly, and well just not knowing how i should be reacting to events I was not fully certain of. Once I realized that as a new person to town I too it would be normal for my character to not understand what was going on so I just rolled with it.

3. To be honest I dont think I have enough experience to suggest what there could be more of. as a new comer everything was so over whelming to me so I think I will have to come out a few more times before i could make any worthwhile suggestions.

4. Calen sat quietly at the fire pit, his eyes panning back and forth over the people of the fort sitting around him. Large gatherings like this still make him feel uncomfortable for the most part its just a lot of walking day in and out with Gareth. Typically even then he doesn't need to talk all that much Gareth would usually fill the silence on his own well enough either by song or banter. someone from across the way called out to him
"hey you, whats with the mask?"
Calen though for a second.
" I dont like my Face."
the stranger nodded his head in approval.
"I like that answer, most who cover there faces do it to look threatening or to hide who they are."
Calen looked to the fire, but he was after-all hiding who he was, even if he didnt know who that person was. He couldnt stand looking into the river or shiny objects and not recognizing the man looking back at him. His mask was more his face than what lay beneath, every scratch every line on it was familiar to him in truth his mask is a more honest account of his character than his face ever could be, his face on the other hand could lie.

Calan Rivers,
oog Derrick Grey
1. Post your favorite moments
I think I have already said this before, but the flow this event was pretty good. Just enough time for some downtime and then off on another adventure.
I also would like to mention that there were more lairs and insta-mods out this month which was great to see.
Seeing more personal growth with Arlyne
Witnessing Ruki's demise and seeing him come back as a Construct. It was great RP to see with Jaxx, Kadira and Kumari and Cato.
It was great to see Logan come out to event and fight him a couple of times.
New Bard! I forgot your name, but I really like your songs :)
Seeing Morrigan out after a long hiatus. It was fun to RP and see whats going at the Lux.
The big fight on Sunday was really fun. Albeit short once I arrived! Being able to cast some important spells to help with the fight, I felt I actually can make a difference.
Seeing Kai's reaction to Hamish on Sunday with Evo's disappearance. Got teary-eyed, dammit.
Going on patrols with HomeGuard I really enjoyed. Working on martial skills this event was big plus for me since I have been "magic-heavy" these few months.
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
It was cold! Time to bust out more layers for next event. But other than that, I don't think there is anything that I can think of.
3. What you would like to see more of
I agree with Mar, the cross-collaboration with other guilds is something I would like to see more of.
4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
As Arlyne sets herself down by the fire after her patrol with HomeGuard, she hears a cry in the distance. She strains to hear the voice, and recognizes its Kumari's. "We need heeellllllppppp!!!" She hears and immediately Arlyne gets up, running to the Commons where she sees Kumari, out of breath, "We need reinforcements, theres a huge ape construct down there and we are getting our asses kicked." Without hesitation, Arlyne runs out of the Fort, picking up speed as she goes down the hill. "Please be okay, please be okay!" She thinks to herself as she reaches the bottom of the hill. She suddenly feels the ground beneath her shake and her gaze moves to the large object in the distance, her comrades trying to take down this monstrosity of a being.
She stood in awe for a moment; then quickly snaps back to reality as she feels another rumble and her comrades voices echo through the vast field.
"How the hell are we going to fight this thing?" She thinks as she runs towards danger......
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