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**NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC chat. Thanks! **

1. Post your favorite moments.
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix).
3. How do you feel about the changes to the hall layout?
4. What you would like to see more of?
5. How did you feel about the rumours sheet?
6. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character.
1. -I have a fan club!
-Meeting everyone's new characters and learning their personalities. Also, the costuming!
-Being a healer! It's so very different, I almost always have to look at my sheet (I need to find my wristband holder). Although, in saying that, I didn't actually do that much healing.
-Coming into game with Jessica as my bodyguard AND having us be split up. It made my character feel real and apart of the world by coming in knowing someone. Plus the discussion of "Where the **** have to you been?" when finding her and the others caged.
-The mods! These were very creative and cool mods... very unique concepts and mechanics that I loved. Fantastic job. My personal favorite was the metal gear solid, sneaking around the undead thing.
-The NPCs were absolutely killing it. Josh is scary
-Sort of being in a leadership position! (At least in my mind!)
-The roleplay with Graeme was fantastic all night.
-Being in charge of the loot splits for my mods. People seemed to not hate it!
-Some people returning after being gone for awhile!

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix).
-With everyone up in the top area, it got REALLY warm. Maybe have some stuff happening down in the lobby to encourage us to spread out?
-We as players need to do a better job of making sure that everyone gets a chance to go out and do things. I'm thinking of making up a list for next game? Does anyone think this would be of benefit?
-Before the last mod it felt like things were lagging a bit (I get set up takes forever!). Not sure how to alleviate that.
-A personal issue, but I need to find a better way of doing my bag. I had wayyyy too much in there (potions, packets, notebook, character sheet, rumor sheet, loot). So if anyone has suggestions of how to divide up a bag, I am all ears!
-Another personal issue, the white make up I used didn't really show in the dark I fear. Gotta get a different color. Or just keep it all black? Advice on this front would also be appreciated. I'm new to the make up game.

3. How do you feel about the changes to the hall layout?
-The upstairs as a staging area is pretty neat. But I feel like we could do more. Maybe more props? Or giving us a reason to be in the lobby. Or heck, give us a tiny 5x5 room right through the door into the gym, that we can use as a storage/secret talking/whatever area. Some more 'living space' and reason to be in said space.
-The actual mod rooms and areas? Fabulous. Enough variety and more than enough space to do things.

4. What you would like to see more of?
-More NPCs coming by? That's about all I can think of.
-More new players! And more people coming back!

5. How did you feel about the rumours sheet?
-I really liked that the rumor sheet came back! And I hope it continues! Although maybe the same amount of rumors, but only giving each person 1 or 2? That way it forces more roleplaying and discussion between the players.

6. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character.

They heard the screams, they recognized the voice, Dyne looked to Honey and gave the word, "Kick in the door." As the party stormed the room he saw him, The Collector... and he could unfortunately see why he had that name by the beads that covered his chest. He was a butcher and needed to be stopped!
For the bag, I'm having the same issues (ha!) I'm thinking of sewing in a seperation panel and a couple of side pockets in the inside.

As for the white makeup, I used a jumbo eyeliner pencil and setting powder . It held up pretty well at the end of the night.
For the bag, I'm having the same issues (ha!) I'm thinking of sewing in a seperation panel and a couple of side pockets in the inside.

As for the white makeup, I used a jumbo eyeliner pencil and setting powder . It held up pretty well at the end of the night.

Let me know how that goes! And if it works, can I bug you to do the same for me since we have the exact same bag? Haha!
1: oh man, so many. Playing a new character was really fun, fighting with josh as always. I LOVED how complex the mods were. There was so much to do on them and I loved it.
2. It moved pretty slow. Particularly in the rest area. Although I think that is because all of the PCs don’t really know eachother so there isn’t as much to RP for together.
3. No idea this was my first winter evebt
4. More of the puzzley mods
5. I was really excited about the rumours but I didn’t feel like any of them came into play for me. I’m hoping that some of it will become more relevant in future events. Really cool idea
6. Honey growled as she kicked the door in. Their group had heard their new leader calling for aid and she was thirsty for action. She stepped through the door way and assessed the scene. As her gaze drifted through the faces she stopped cold. It was him. The bastard who had taken her tongue. All else fell away as she charged towards him.
She hit with all her might as his blows in turn staggered her. He was stronger and faster. All she could think of was his laughter as he ate her tongue.
He may be stronger. He may be faster, but I know I want him dead more than he wants to kill me she thought.
The battle carried on and he eventually broke her club. She dropped its pieces and still charged towards him, desperate to choke the life out of him as she felt magic strike her. Her limbs grew weak as she fell to the ground in a forced sleep.
Let me know how that goes! And if it works, can I bug you to do the same for me since we have the exact same bag? Haha!
Of course!
- So many new characters! It's tough to get to know everybody first time around, so excited to get another go at it
- Agree w/ Randy - so fun to come in with another player! I had a concept figured in my head that turned out quite differently, largely due to the awesome RP that comes with being somebody's meat shield :)
- Puzzley mods! A great breath of fresh air
- Mix of combat and puzzle/RP mods was super great
- Setup of the mod area - love how mixed each area could feel.
- Dyne's fangirls. I don't break very often, but when I do, it's watching Will, Jerrett, and Steven fawn and giggle behind their fans. :D

2. Dislikes:
- Upstairs was quite toasty, especially coming back from a mod and in lots of armor (I know others wore more than me!). Maybe having some Magical Fans would be a big help. Extra lighting would also be great! Makes it less blinding to come into the foyer.
- I think one thing that might help with people waiting on mods would be to have more PCs per mod? If each is planned for 8-10 rather than 6-8, that may have cut down on the number of skipped people while still allowing for most to get a rest. That would maybe mean having 3 main mod areas instead of 4 so that there's more space? But just a suggestion.
- There were a couple of times the "Don't be a ****" rule was broken, probably the most egregious I saw being on the spider mod. Unlimited weapon strike pins from range weren't hurting anybody, but they certainly didn't make it fun and just felt like kinda a **** move. (Also, no need to rip into level 2 characters with 7 normal from each hand when many characters wouldn't survive 2 swings. JOSH.)
- Some combat felt quite unbalanced (and not the unwinnable ones, I know those when I see them!), since some characters have 12HP and no armor, but some PCs are coming in with plenty of both. Having a mix of monsters per room would be helpful (i.e. some small crunchies and one big bad) to help balance that out.

3. Layout: can't comment on that since I wasn't here last winter

4. More of: RP! Not sure if it was just discomfort with new people or character specific choices, but when you're between mods, interacting with other PCs is kinda the only thing to do.

5. Rumors: again, can't comment - stupid character sheet issues!

6. Zestiria stood, one foot pinned to the ground, trying vainly to cover a paralyzed Dyne from the blows coming from the merrah Sylvanborn. The life spell that had freed Kaniah from the corrupt effect had only earned her a swift death, and Honey lay sprawled on the ground, unconscious. As the web spell pinned Zestiria's arms to her sides, she braced herself... but then it was over. Contemptuous and arrogant, the merrah simply strolled out with their prize. She felt the rage of her companions all around her, the hopelessness and the fear, as they picked themselves up and trudged back to camp... this wasn't over yet.
(Also, no need to rip into level 2 characters with 7 normal from each hand when many characters wouldn't survive 2 swings. JOSH.

100% just doing what the marshal of the mod told me to do.
1. Post your favorite moments.
-Just generally brings Seraphina. I had so much fun wearing a dress and exploring the world as a woman. Honestly, I’m excited for next month, but now that I’ve gotten more than a taste, I think I can wait now.

-“something something Sir”
“Mam, I am female you know”
“((Oh, I’m so sorry for misgendering you))”
“((No worries, I really won’t hold grudges on that OOGly. But, you did just call Seraphina a dude, so she might be upset about it, back in game now))”

-During the fight with the Collector at the very end, Josh was killing blow-ing people that were webbed, and at some point, he literally screamed “KILLING BLOW 1 KILLING BLOW 2 KILLING BLOW 3!” And just finished someone off. Losing a party member sucked, but the vigor he had while screaming that was amazing! Pretty sure that part was recorded. Also, earlier, he had looked Seraphina directly in the eye, and she glared back, hiding behind another fighter.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix).
-I don’t think it was machine gunning necessarily, but one of the boars attacked me too fast for me to track how much damage I took, so I just had to say I was at 1 HP, which after that, a goblin finished me off, and I went through the circle. That part is fine, but at least give about 2-3 seconds between those 3 attacks to let me do math on my HP. With spell slots instead of channeling, I have a lot more work to think about until I get a chance to write it down. I probably had 12 + 5 damage I could take, and the boar probably did less, but I could not process damage that fast. When he did finally stop attacking me/I got away, I just ruled for myself one more hit and I’m down, which led to me passing through the circle. That makes me quite upset, not passing through the circle, but the absurd amount of damage I took because I couldn’t process all of his hits. Make sure the NPCs are following the 3 hit rule thingny. However, I have spent 600$ on this costume before the event, and by dying already, I feel like part of that is partially consumed, of what I can’t reuse for a different costume.

-I don’t know why or how to fix it, but Seraphina has RBF (Resting “Female Dog” Face) and I don’t know how to fix that. Is it the feather headband, the makeup? I don’t know, I have to focus to smile.

-One of the NPC’s I think thought they couldn’t use their weapon while pinned. I specifically have to also shackle them to stop them from doing that. Not that I didn’t like that, but they just gave up when I think they could have kept going, just without moving.

3. How do you feel about the changes to the hall layout?
-There was changes? This was my first time there.

4. What you would like to see more of?
-More RP mods. I couldn’t figure out the Sash system, so I think I ended up going on 3 combat mods without a weapon.

5. How did you feel about the rumours sheet?
-I think everyone had the same rumor sheet. Either that, or anyone I talked to just knew the same ones as me.

6. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character.
-There was undead guarding the hall to the collector, and Seraphina simply hit one with Pin, and the other with pin and shackle. The one with only the pin was further from Seraphina. Some dude with a sword quickly learned what happened, and pelted down the completely immobilized one with small sword attacks, despite just needing a killing blow. For the other skeleton, the man danced around it striking it, the skeleton frustrated it could not move. Essentially, with 1-2 spells expended, Seraphina had just cast a very slow doom on those creatures.

-After the Black Gemmed Selunari had revived Seraphina, he spoke, “Really? You died that quickly? Well, since no one else died, I won’t deduct it from your silver you gave to be ahead in the queue. Here are your clothes, your friends recovered them.”
After getting dressed, Seraphina thought over what had happened. Yes, she had incompetent party members, but she wasn’t going to condemn them for it. After all, it was the goblin that betrayed them before they could betray the goblins. She stormed out of the room, screaming, “Alright, we are genociding every last goblin, NEVER FORGET A GRUDGE!!!”
They sent out a goblin hunting party, which pleased Seraphina, but she was in no shape to join them, mentally or physically. Despite being extroverted, Seraphina just needed a quiet moment to mull over her death.

-Seraphina had very limited food, but one person brought cheese and crackers, and a lot of them. She asked if she could have some and the person gladly offered some to her, later returning, Seraphina brought a hungry child to them. She had some more, but the child grabbed the paper (plastic) bag of crackers, and hid under the table. Seraphina was highly tempted to hit the child with some sort of spell, whether it was something from the sub-school of binding force, or a silence spell, but she wanted the child to forcibly do something. Had she had disarm memorized, she might have disarmed his bag of crackers. But, she held her deep anger in.
She did demand the child to get up and give the crackers back, and the child retorted “Your not my mom!” The child had earlier explained that he found his mother and father “sleeping” for days, not waking up, and Seraphina assumed the child was now an orphan. She spoke, “Well, until your parents wake up, I could act as your mother, get up now and give back our rations, we all need to eat you know!”
Eventually the child (Tyler) gave back the bag, and all was well.

If there is more, I will post more later.
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1. Post your favorite moments.
The opening 'scene' was really fun. I like how we just go right off the bat to do the mod. The seperation of the PCs was a good idea, it ties things up nicely so that when we do get back to the camp, we are like, "We just got here."
Seeing everyone with their different characters
The pace was really good this event, even though I ran out of spells about halfway through the game. Having said that, it did opened up some light RP and interaction with other players.
The installation of fear. We lost two people on our first event.
I love the use of necromancy as a story arc; I can't wait to see more of it.
Being a healer and in a non combative role to boot. Had to held myself back a couple of times and not get myself into the fray.
Being able to play with seasoned players like Abbey and Cory it was nice to see them on the other side.

I don't see a NPC review page up yet, but I want to give a specific shout out to Robyn this event. You legit had me worried for you when you ran into camp as the Necromancer hiding from the Wardens. You were so scared, I had to ask if it was IG or OG.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix).
See third comment above :) I'll have to rework my memorized list for next event

3. How do you feel about the changes to the hall layout?
I personally really like it. The upstairs makes people interact more and it does feel like we were in a camp. It does get a bit warm at times, but we are free to roam around to the lobby area and get some fresh air outside. I like the use of the gym and how it's completely seperate from the common area. It's nice not to hear what's going on in the next room while carrying a conversation.

4. What you would like to see more of?

More physical mechanics in mods. I like the return of the of the balloons as massives, the floor panels used as mines and I heard there was one with the spiderwebs (which I missed). Could we bust out the nerf guns again? :D
I find that when a group goes down for a mod, the upstairs gets quite sparse. The PCs try and do some RP, but maybe a fishbowl or two? I know you folks in Monster Camp are doing your best! Or perhaps on the PC side, we can bring some quick games, die, cards just to keep us from going stir crazy up there.

5. How did you feel about the rumours sheet?
I like it; it's a nice prelude of what will happen later on and your not in the complete dark about things.

6. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character.
"What's a beer?"
Favorite Moments:
- Seeing everyone again! Wow you don’t realize how much you miss everyone till your not around for a while. Hugs all around.
- Met some really cool new Peeps! Diversity is key!
-Abby and his AMAZING costume! Wow! Intimidation AND light up knee caps!
-Being a new character, and the challenge with taking the conception of the character from my mind into the current reality. Quite the challenge!
- My Framily, it was great knowing I had my family to back me up if we got in too deep.

Less Favorite Moments:
  • Well being stuffed into a cage with a bunch of strangers for a start…
  • Like everyone else on here I have a yearning for some puzzles and interaction with NPCs outside of the hall.
  • One thing I would like to bring up, we left our stuff in the vehicles, as we were advised things were going missing in the hall by random strangers, I did as I was advised, but when I left at 9, by myself, in the dark parking lot, to my vehicle, and undressed enough so I could drive home, I did not feel safe or comfortable. Something we need to work on.

How do I feel about the changes to the hall layout?
  • I would suggest some better lighting in the tavern, the red lights gave me a wicked headache by the time I left, and I had brought a couple of simple games to stay entertained, but could barely see the card faces. I also had a hard time determining what color the mods were that came in due to the room being so dark, I ended up just asking what color the mod was.

What would I like to see more of?
  • More of….Chris in a skirt? He was having WAY too much fun!
How do I feel about the rumors sheet?
  • I am the WORST for rumors, but you know, I read those ones over, and I’m working on a way to incorporate them, they were memorable, and got people talking, a nice ice breaker. Good job!

Give a moment from the perspective of my character:

“The silence in Keeli’s head was deafening, (never having been separated before from the voices she constantly heard), she felt incredibly alone and vulnerable in the cage in the darkness.., many of her travelling companions were missing, but she had to be brave, she couldn’t let the beautiful, brave Snow see her weak..As long as her clanmates we near she would be ok...she was safe..besides, Snow had a big enough sword to cleave anyone in half!..”
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