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  1. Beverly Byers

    Beverly Byers Fighter Traverse City Staff

    Hi all,

    I've decided to get a jump on the next market day and offer my services here in the dream world. If there is anything you need or would like me to bring to the next market please pigeon me with your request. Given a little more time there's no telling what I can come up with. ;)

    Tinker Tabby
  2. PYKE

    PYKE Scholar

    Tinker tabby, I have unfortunately been driven out of eloria by the malakari elves, but I have a request. I need a lot of vorpal coating damage 5 stone bolts. I will send money with someone and they will hold them for me if it can be done.
    If possible 100 of them and 200 arrows. Let me know your price and I will see if I have it. I ran out of most of the vorpals I got last year from you

    The Brotherhod
  3. Cory Walker

    Cory Walker Artisan

    Be warned Tinker Tabby that Pyke is a known and wanted criminal for the assassination of Grandmaster Aira'yen, his former master and treason against his people. Trading or selling to a know criminal, such as Member Pyke Aira'yen, will mark you as a known associate and accomplice.

    Perhaps arrangements can be made by you or his associate in order to bring this criminal in to stand trial for his action.

    -Master Lu Ka'jin of the Mala'kari Elves
  4. PYKE

    PYKE Scholar

    Master Lu ka'jin. You are the criminals for taking the free will of mystic wood elves and creating an army of hollow elves. This is against the creed of the empire and needs to be dealt with.
    I am not assassin as I freed my master from the cletches of moshtan clan where he was left in the care of the best we have. I was attacked by your clan and now have made a change in life to keep on living. I will gladly come to front an army to demolish your slave trade as it criminal and punishable by death.

    The brotherhood

    Tinker tabby has no need for our feud and you best to leave a merchant out of business that is between you and I.

    Be worn as I will rain down a fury if you do not bring back the will and emotions of all the hollow elves
  5. Cory Walker

    Cory Walker Artisan

    Member Pyke Aira'yen

    You are the one who fled. Not simply fled your people and it's lands, but fled Eloria. We are simply alerting Tinker Tabby that she is dealing with a known criminal, that could affect her reputation as honest merchant.

    Remember Member Pyke Aira'yen, emotions are a weakness. Come and answer against your charges. No one else needs to suffer because of your reckless actions. The next time we communicate won't be in dreamings. Farewell Member Pyke Aira'yen.

    Master Lu Ka'jin of the Mala'kari Elves
  6. Beverly Byers

    Beverly Byers Fighter Traverse City Staff

    Well gentlemen,
    While I don't make a business of judging my clients or suppliers, I do respect all cultures and the customs of those cultures. So, I will make sure my business does not disrespect any cultures.
    Good day to you both.
    Tinker Tabby

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