What they fear for: rumors heard around the Out Post.


What they fear for; Rumors heard around the Out Post

Pine Cone is not the only person living in the woods. Looks like there may be others living in the woods.

These catfish sure are good eating; you gotta catch em when they're young as they taste terrible as they get older. Strange thing is they don't need water to survive and common folk have started calling them Walking Catfish.

More and more monsters have been discovered coming out of the Dream Wood; the Order of Jirrah is organizing a party to hunt it down and exterminate it. I sure hope they are better prepared than when they went against the bunnies.

The Order of Egaria has a means of dealing with the Panthergaunt; too bad no one swore to the Order.

I sure hope we have seen the last of those “Strangers from the East.” Their coin was worthless and they were a loud and rowdy bunch. I know we need people here at the outpost but I never want to see those folk again.

Between the plants, the outpost, and the bandits; meat has gotten real scarce. Doesn’t matter if it's a working horse or a pig that can find truffles. If it walks on 2 legs or more it's in the pot these days.

Why can’t people just believe in the letter of the law; without it this place would be a chaotic mess.

The rituals erected around the Outpost appear to be holding the Dream Wood at bay but everything else is falling to corruption in the woods. I hope someone has a plan to deal with this.

Strange magics are afoot; I heard 6 people went to the circle at the last gathering. Sure hope preparations are put into effect so this doesn’t happen again.

Seams like some people are striking it rich while others are barely scraping by. I sure hope we can all come together and help each other out. Lest we all perish from the horrors hidden in the night.

Lotteries and Auctions; oh my. . .

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough patience or booze to be able to handle all the horrors surrounding the outpost.