What to expect?


Chicago Staff

As I make my way west to town I'm curious what task need undertaking? Any task that needs assisting?

Rats in a cellar? Goblins throwing rocks from trees? Spiders in a cave? Okay, not the last one, spiders really creep me out. Forgive me for being over anxious but after being on the road for so long it'll be good to stay around one place and truly make a lasting difference.

- Cassandra
Spiders? Ick! You just missed that one! A few weeks ago, some adventurers rescued a few miners from the mines from bunches of spiders! You should have seen them! I heard some of the rescued miners were having breakfast at The Slightly Bent Spoon tavern when suddenly, spiders exploded from their bellies! I wasn't there, but it sounded very gruesome!
As for other things, let me check the quest board and I'll get back to ya! Thanks! -Rosalie