What was your first magic item ever?


A necklace that made the rounds in Nero Kzoo for some time :

2/day Cure Light Wounds
Flaw : Only usable by characters at or below 15 build


A dagger that I dug up that allowed me to see the invisible "grey claw" creatures that were slowly invading our plane of existence. Spent 3 years with it soul bound to my hand, getting myself mauled by both the creatures as well as those who wanted me to defeat them (being drawn and quartered by two dragons was especially interesting). Ended up having to fight the leader Greyclaw that had 500 HP, I had 15. It swung for 30, I swung for 2. But I managed to hit it with 9 out of 9 banishment spells while it chased me. It died, my dagger exploded in my hand (taking my hand with it) and in its place was a madman cackling and saying, "Thank you!" to me over and over again as he ran off into the woods.

It was at this juncture that my character swore off of magic from that point on and has never possessed a magical item for the last 20 years.


Oregon Staff
You know what, work a story like that, I can understand why. @___@


Mine was a 1/day Flame blast and 1/day cloak cold from a little plastic Crystal.

As a low level C caster it was great to have the Flame blast too bad it only lasted 6 month. But the cloak is still good till the end of this year.


A sweet petrified leaf!

2/Day Cure Critical Wounds 3/Day Cure Serious Wounds -- Only Usable during Daytime
2/Day Cause Critical Wounds 3/Day Cause Serious Wounds -- Only Usable during Nighttime
A necklace with a green flower on it that looked like a thing of lettuce: 1/day earth blade.
I totally begged some members of the Hunt to buy it for me. Between my cute Ogre puppy dog eyes and them wanting me to stop counting my copper the took pity on me. As an Ogre having an earth blade was a dream come true. hahaha