When da time comes....


Hello my fellow adventurers
While da person has not been da focus of our time lately I wants it known that Eberus or howevers you spells his name it would bring me da good feelings to be the one to deliver da killing blow to him. He killed my Knight. I knows I cannot best him in combats yets as I do not know the defenses well yet. I wills needs your helps dis I am sures of. I would also likes to make da request that Gerdy da Gruntled if I could use your Humans Reaver if Yas still gots its. It would be very much thanked. Also would thanks anyone who might help me to improves me so dats I can best this wizard. I feels he wills make an appearance at da next market day and I would sleep well knowing Sir Daniels has been avenged.

Lt. Squire Bruisey Foemangler.



I will gladly fight alongside you when the time come to deal with Eberis and my weapon, Longarm has a reaver for him and a few other things that I plan to use for the fight, but I cannot truthfully say that should I get the opportunity to end his life come i wouldn't take it in an instant. He's too dangerous and too resourceful to give him any sort of advantage. He's proven to have the ability to travel great distances quickly and, being an earth mage, has the ability to Rebirth. Who knows what other tricks he may have up his sleeves that we don't know about. I'd be more than willing to give you some pointers about fighting him as well, since his skills are probably similar to mine.

I understand your feelings about Sir Daniels, but the best way to honor his sacrifice is to show no mercy to the one who struck him down.

Zen Mallowbrooks