Where exactly am I?


I gather from these assorted notes on the wall that I'm in "Chiram's Hollow." Where exactly is that?

I was walking with Qualin, Alda, Qui Jun Wu, and a few others to the Ash Forest when these huge clouds of most and fog swept in. Qiu Jun Wu said something about a castle, and then the fog got so thick I could barely see! When it cleared, nobody was in sight and I was standing in front of this tavern. Thankfully my arrow chest was still there. Could anyone tell me where I am? Am I even in Ashbury any more?

If you see this note, I've pitched a tent not too far from here.

- Ketemycos Sharpshot


You're in the Deadlands, Ket -- within one of the bastions, the Hollow Isle. Stay inside the line of the fires you see in the distance; they will protect you until I can find your tent and talk to you. Put a Ward on it if you can.

Good to see you. Or read you, as it were.

- Sevaria


Asheville Staff
Stay inside the fires, like Sevaria said, keep an eye out, and keep yourself safe. Tomorrow eve, head to the tavern, people usually gather there and you'll be able to get some help in situating yourself to your new surroundings.