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  1. Darkcrescent

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    In thinking from this market we went back and forth on what actions and sides we wanted to belong to. I think it was evident that we should do what we can to aid the Coalition. The Royalist showed their hand in executing the Duke and made claim to “we can bring them back”. Whether that was in regards to the soldiers on that field, The Royal Family or Evoder I don’t know.

    We are here now, so we should first and foremost realize we won’t make a change instantly. We are but small numbers and this is a land with very experienced warriors and mages. We should not treat it lightly.

    Honestly, and I only speak from a few markets in Ravensong but perhaps it’s time to go back to the basics. Time for more listening than “act first”.

    I do encourage people to learn all they can about Erabella, and what situation we’ve truly stumbled into.

    - Cass
  2. Lurin

    Lurin Duke

    It should be noted that both I and Zen caught whiffs of a Royalist operation during the day but did not act on things quickly enough, I'll admit it was my fault as I had the desire to take our blacksmiths to the mine and did not share the information fast enough. Talking to Zen might have told me of the Royalists there and sped things up I'll endeavor not to make the same mistake in the future.

    That said if you have information you think should be acted on, please see me if you need any help gathering folks to check it out, or Keldary if you need someone who can actually fight. For more general, we don't or can't act on this now, I'd probably suggest Gertrude (she's the gruntled one in the corner usually) It seems also that Zen is looking to assist as an information hub so he might also be a good choice. If you have information you want to share, but want to keep your name out of it, I'd suggest Zihr might be a good choice as he's exceptionally tight lipped and I trust he will pass the information to any of the other people mentioned without giving up your name.

    So to sum up, need a person of action/quick response, I suggest myself or Keladry
    Have more long term information, Gertrude or Zen (I'll probably forget important details or not be available as I'd wish)
    Have a private concern to share/don't want to be known as the source of information, Zihr is my suggestion

    as much as I hate disagreeing with Cass, I believe quick action will yield better results on most things in this new land. Although I agree with her that learning as much as possible in general is key.

  3. Zihr

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    Indeed, Kallith. Well said.

    I would also like to encourage everyone to attend to Auryn's Town Tea, the sharing of information can't be stressed enough.

  4. Darkcrescent

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    I second that notion. The tea gathering was most informative and was a nice break from the sense of urgency.

    Also I think Keladry, Zen, and Gerty would be good points of public communication.

  5. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Squire Owner Chicago Staff

    I am reasonably certain the simple earth mage was speaking of the royal family. I was feet from the circle and his language seemed clear.

    Tea is fine and well.

  6. airkshil

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    I really regret missing most of tea time. I didn't realize that I needed to make more time for tea in my life, but apparently I do.

    I think I can be a good information hub. I'm more than happy to explain what's going on to anybody who has the time to listen. I've been working on consolidating my notes into a more concise form than the scrawlings I took over the weekend, however, I'm not sure what I should do with it when I'm done. Would it be helpful to post it here on the dreaming or should I just bring it with me to the next gathering?

    Zen Mallowbrooks
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  7. Gandian Ravenscroft

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    A consolidation on the dreaming would be excellent, Zen.

    ~ Gandian
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