Where we've left it


Friends -

As we begin to move into winter's grip, I thought it might be helpful if we have something to look back on in the spring about what we've accomplished and what we have yet to do.

The Wraith Lord is still out there along with many Vampires and the Lich from Count Ferrant's lands. I believe at least the vampires are working with or for the Lich. We must stand strong against them. Preparations should include earth blades, destroy undead, and EVERYONE carrying Cure 5 potions. If you run out and a comrade is down, search them for one. Odds are good they'll have one if we've prepared correctly.

Remember the dwarves supplying the euphoria island folks? Easy to forget with all that's happened, but we need to remain vigilant. I don't know if it's the entire dwarven nation of Krosra or a group that is trying to destabilize Erabella, but either way we should be wary.

The Golden Blades. I was hoping to call General Hildegard a friend, however he and Thoinia have shown their true colors. Blame can be pointed towards many places but it will accomplish nothing. We must drive them and the rest of the Thoinian forces that are sure to come out of our lands. With the Erabella military not currently active, I'm certain we will be leaned on quite heavily.

Thomas the Necrophage, also known as That Goo Guy, is still out there. He's a danger to all, but he specifically has a grudge against Squire Locke, Courtier Zen, and myself.

On to some happier news ... we finally rescued Count Ferrant's daughter from the vampires and returned her humanity with a Gift of Life ritual. Everyone pitched in here, but truly the charge was led by Courtier Zen, Squire Cass, and Elros. Well done all. Count Ferrant thanked many of us at the last gathering, if you were missed know that he was quite emotional and we've cemented a friendship with him.

Lannek and the Oathsworn nation now consider the matter of Erabella betraying their oath closed. While I don't think we're on friendly terms, assisting Ambassador Thrace escape while the Golden Blades turned on us a priority will certainly help.

We smashed a Worm Dust and Euphoria distribution ring, keeping citizens safe. Well done team.

If anyone else has news, please share it. We are stronger together. I am proud to count you all my friends.

Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky
Sworn Paladin to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
The Dragon Orbs are still an issue. We know that they are the memories of dragons that they lose when they use Dragon magic. We have an item that allows us to handle them with relative safety but we haven't truly solved the issue of what to do with them yet.

The Wild Hunt is still in progress and the fey still killing and kidnapping people.

I have more specific information on many of the current problems and I will compile a list to aid adventurers in finding tasks for the winter before too long.

Courtier Zen Mallowbrooks


More information on the Wild Hunt:
We know the Wild Hunt will sleep through the winter but will come back in the spring to hunt again. When they do this they will undoubtedly continue killing and kidnapping as well.

Lor'tek said he might be willing to make some sort of deal with us when I went through the portal with him. I have not been able to gather what Lor'tek or the other 4 Marshalls of the Hunt want other than 'Victory in the Hunt' so I am unsure what kind of deal we could make. The Marshalls of the Hunt don't get along and Lor'tek seems to be the only one even slightly interested in making a deal with us.

We still don't have a good way of stopping the fey coming through portals on a whim and no way to track when the portals are opened. There were talks about trying to lay some magic down to stop them or limit them but I know it was thought that it would be very large magic and that is not my line of expertise.

Huntsman Mint


Minnesota Staff
To the Adventuring Community,

As Sir Zihr of House Husky said, we in Lannek consider the matter of the oath closed. Our nation however will not participate in any way regarding your unfolding conflict with Thoinia. We have no outstanding quarrels with them. This matter is between you and them.
I consider many of you friends and hope you prosper in these trying times ahead. I hope you stay safe and that I may be able to visit you all again.

Ambassador Thrace, Diplomat of Lannek
I agree with Zihr that some progress has been made there is still much that needs to be done to make this land safe for all and we all need to be ready to stand and face it .