Who is the proprietor of The Captain's Log?


With Lagarde Rhoade out at sea currently, as I understand, who is managing affairs at The Captain's Log in New Acarthia at present?

I am distressed by news of attacks on some of its workers, and I wish to offer what assistance I may.

Baroness Katherine Rivervale


The Captain's Log is currently under the management of Gwen Harper, who is more distressed than any to hear of the troubles there. Unfortunately the situation is more delicate than one might expect from the outside. We would be glad to host you at the Sweet Spot or to meet at the tavern this coming gather to discuss this sensitive issue in person Your Excellency. As assuredly stupid as anyone would have to be to bring harm to such hard working people, even the slack jawed Fomori's could figure out the Dreaming. We are honored by your offer of assistance and hope to meet with you soon.

Elwin D. H. Hilltopple


Thank you for allowing me to help, Goodman Elwin. I am at your convenience. I shall seek out you and Milady Gwen, and let us see what we can do together.