Why do Fighters and Rogues scale down but Scholars do not?

Wow the levels you are talking about here are huge, I been playing for 2 years and I am level 13, talking about 40 and 50 level charcter or more in some threads really make hard to say what needs limits and what doesn't.

I ran a rough five year example through the online build calculator at 8 full weekend events and 12 monthly blankets per year. I felt this would be reasonable-ish for someone playing in a single chapter over the course of each year. Ending build totals are below:

Year one: 90
Year two: 131
Year three: 162
Year four: 190
Year five: 214

Just benchmarking data for discussion purposes. Your level seems to be roughly in line with what the calculator estimate provided. I was going to use this data in a discussion on Paragons and their widening of the low level / high level gap.
I see a lot of people in these threads saying that the reason that 2.0 is acceptable is because spells are limited and proffs/backstabs are unlimited. But the stated reason for scaling is to address "One of the most oft-cited reasons I hear from players who try once or twice and don't come back is that the gulf between 1st level and "high" level is so massively wide they feel useless." Assuming 25 starting build, is the difference between swinging 3 and swinging 20 more pronounced than the difference between having 16 low level spells as a caster (capping at 1 5th level spell) and someone with a 9 column. In 2.0 it is 645 build to get 18 proffs for 20s, and 650 build gives you a 26 column, a wand doing 14, and 216 charges.