Why Nikkolai Died


I feel for you, I do not, even from my removed position, agree with the sentence at all. Yours is a history of service to this country and the punishment, in my opinion does not properly account of all the factors at play. You acted as you felt was right, and as often would be right and proper and are being punished for that, I can see the pain it has caused both you and Cyn. However, I cannot in good stead argue with either His Excellency Fairfax or His Honor in their decision publicly and will not disrespect the law even for the sake of improving it.

It appears clear to me that the justification for the harsh punishment is that the consequence of breaking the order was quite grave for the victim of it's breaking. I still do not agree with the act of justice calling for death to be equated to death. In my humble opinion, the weighting of punishment should be judged by what grants the individual a chance at better understanding or reformation, but also what provides a service or restitution to the victim, or to Wayside as a whole. It would have been more proper in my mind, to find a creative solution that did not repay the tragic death of a brave adventurer with yet another mark on one of our own's spirit. On the other hand, while not entirely clear, the order seems clear enough that your actions were contra-indicated by a noble and thus a law was indeed broken, even if it rankles.

"She tried for years to help, with no support from her peers or superiors, one can only push a wall for so long before they tire."

From the above, it sounds, a great deal as though you feel Mistress Avacyn is the only person to try to make this kingdom a better place. I certainly hope this is anger speaking and that you do not believe yours and hers are the only sacrifices made or that your voices are the only ones begging for us to be a better kingdom. It pains me to know, that even for a brief moment, you believe you have ever stood alone in your conviction and efforts. I do, and many others do, even some you would not call friend. I see your point and I recognize your pain, we once shared blood and I shall forever continue to feel yous spirit's touch upon mine. I also feel a great deal for Lady Cyn or Mistress Ironrose, I too hunger for justice both for you and for our friends. You have been a stalwart defender of these lands, of your people, and of your friends for as long as I have had the pleasure of knowing you. Although you and I have not always seen the same sides of the coin, you continue to be a person whom I feel is reasonable and worth fighting for. I hope you will consider the following offer.

As I disagree with the sentence, I can appeal to my own Lord, Duke Eliason or my direct Liege Lady Her Grace, Victoria Pax, to take heart in this matter. As Lady Ironrose was vassal to them at the time this tragedy started and you were her sworn man, this gives them recourse to dispute the charges or sentence if they choose. I am surprised that he, or at least she were not involved in this tragedy involving death and matters of dispute between several nobles regarding their banner-people from the very start. While the damage is done now, perhaps a greater good can come of it in the future. For that to happen though, I would need your help. Should you allow, I will communicate my belief to my Lord & Lady respectively and ask them to beseech the nobility for a change away from a punitive system to one allowing reformation. In order for that to have a chance to succeed, your humility and good character will be of great need, to change our system and improve upon it from within rather than castigating it from without.


I am sorry that we failed to live up to your expectations of us. I am also sorry that have chosen no longer to serve here. We've spoken of this privately, and I shall not try to dissuade you from your course. It would be better to have your steady hand and faithful heart to guide us but but I would ask that you attempt to remember and respect that which you lent a hand at building, and once lend your spirit whole to defend as it still tries to stumble into something worth recognizing as a great Kingdom.

Ours is a young country, ravaged time and again by plague, the pestilence of outsiders and undead alike. Some of which has even been self inflicted wounds. We have even suffered by the shameful raising of swords by brothers in civil war. Ours is still a flawed system, a system that evolves too slowly, and often makes mistakes. We have, however, in a short time, built libraries to protect the knowledge of the lands, colleges to educate the people, castles to defend them, ferry's to encourage trade, and a system of laws to attempt to make sense of it all. We have seen a boom in agriculture, a revolution in market, and art, and even by your hand, a sprouting proud tradition of giving and charitable work for the people. We shall continue to analyze cases, create precedent, and find ways to improve the law for each other, was this sentence right? I do not believe so. Is the concept of summary judgement one which does not sit properly with me? Yes. Can we work to fix it? Tirelessly. We are imperfect, but we are good and we strive to be better.

I, and many others noble and commoner alike, persevere in our hope and through our work to ensure it someday becomes the great kingdom we envision it can be. We cannot rightfully claim to be better than other kingdoms from across the mists that you have experienced or that others have lived to see but we often see what we wish. I, for one, miss my homelands, I miss even more my first Kingdom which adopted me at my worst and stove to mold me to be better, but neither were they ever perfect, even If I choose to remember them fondly, I can still see it's faults honestly. Thus, we are not perfect, but we strive to do better even if we often fail.


Jehan Wyldweaver
Lord of Storm's Rest
Marutian Solar
Guild Master of House Lifestorm
Master Seablade,

You've asked 2 questions as yet unanswered:

"3. Are all statement from a noble to be taken as an order? While, I would not think this is true as sometime a noble may be just sharing an opinion however if this is true I want to be more careful in clarifying a noble statement in future conversations."

No, not all statements from a noble are an order. However, all orders from a noble in her own lands are orders unless superseded by a higher authority in some fashion. If you are asking what constitutes an order from a statement. That becomes more murky as we are still developing precedent and not enough case law has been adjudicated for clear guidance. I would presume, a statement including a call to action/innaction "do/do not do X" could be construed as an order.

"4. As Nikkolai is a commoner why was this matter brought before the High Magistrates? To my understanding High Magistrates typically are reserved for investigation of Nobility and typically would send this down to lesser officer to adjudicate. Now in my ignorance i do not know Magistrate Bovar so he/she could be a more local Magistrate but from the quote "I would never go against the High Magistrates" i will assume he/she is not a local Magistrate."

A High Magistrate has a great degree of latitude as to which cases she takes. Obviously, their commission calls for their docket to be mostly filled with cases which affect disputes between the high nobility, investigations into high crimes, or threats to the Kingdom or its Individual Duchies. They are empowered by the Dukes and King to review cases which they feel: (pardon my imprecise wording I am working for memory)

A) May create a new wide precedent in the future for the Kingdom or Duchies

B) Cause broad issues for King and Duchies if adjudicated at a lower court.

C) A High Noble is enmeshed in the proceeding.

D) The outcome portends a Kingdom-wide impact or threat to the health of the rule of Law.

In this case, disputes between adventurers, especially those granted title, would be a clear exception under the last clause I mentioned above. It is worth noting, as a matter of practicality, it is also not unheard of for a magistrate at any level to hear and adjudicate all pending cases in a given location. Especially if that location has requested help, has no direct noble, etc.

Personally, I appreciate your questions and attempts to clarify the law. It's by asking questions and seeking better from ourselves and our rulers that we will achieve a system that is just and equitable.


Lord Jehan


"Thus, we are not perfect, but we strive to do better even if we often fail." Well spake, Lord Wyldweaver. Your ears have indeed grown since last we walked Wayside together.

Dramthin Hartboon
Keeper of the Tainted Grove.


Lord Jehan,

Thank you. For addressing these point directly. And ask that you do appeal to your Lord, Duke Eliason your direct Liege Lady Her Grace, Victoria Pax.

To All,

I am never in favor of any action that will weaken the Spirit of anyone. Any weakening of a spirit is a tragedy be it the first death or the final one. Let’s not lessen the loss that is being shared here just because the death was not permanent. In matters that are murky and unclear how can something as permanent as weakening a Spirit be the best option as each lose could be the last time. Even in war mercy need to be shown for understanding to exist after the fighting has ceased or the fighting will next truly end because of "Bad Blood".

As we strive to build a better kingdom I would like to remind everyone of these words

"Together we are strong

Together we will strive

Together we are WAYSIDE."

~His Royal Majesty King Kaarl Grimlock of Wayside.

We are all call to serve this land in different ways, and service should be our focus be we Noble or commoner. Noble without there people has nothing and a people without leader are weak.

"Together we are strong."

I ask how any of these event may us stronger. Two death. The first potential saved other but how did the second serve the people? What lesson can learn from this?

I have live in the world, where obedience is demand by the edge of a sword and if that is how this land would become, that is not a Wayside I will fight for and why are we fighting a war in the Northlunds?

It is said that "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing." It is my belief that is why we fight this war. To make a stand against a wrong in this world.

I am not a man of passion but there too many event I have seen in this land where death has been choose instead of life. I call out to our leader and to our people to look to how our actions will serve the greater good. Let us choose life and mercy whenever possible. For if we continually choose the sword, it is by the sword we will be judged.

So I will to stand up to say I Disagree but now is it too late as the sentence is irreversible. We all can do now live with the consequences unless we learn from it and grew to be the Wayside we can be where life and learning are more valued then punishment and law.



While I think that this topic of discussion touches many subjects, and many of us are discussing different points of it, I would like to introduce some new information that was recently presented to me. This is not something I myself can easily validate, but others are free to look into this further.

When the initial incident occurred that started all of this (an adventurer sending another to the circle), the actual process occurred when Baron Bluewater reached out to the magistrates, as I have been told is what he was supposed to do when someone is killed and the assailant's noble wont handle it. Baron Bluewater followed procedure and involved a higher authority, which in this case was the Magistrates. The Magistrates passed sentence and decreed the judgement, leaving Baron Foss Fairfax to be the one to carry it out. I have been told that Baron Foss did not have a say in the matter (beyond perhaps his personal opinions), as the issue was passed to those that outrank him. His statement "I would never go against the High Magistrates" now makes sense, in my eyes, because they already passed judgement, and expected him to carry it out.

I do hope that you all do not simply take my word for it, as I am not a person of authority, and it seems the issue now at hand stems from an awful lot of people simply taking others' word for it. But just as adventurers have certain laws and codes to abide by, the Nobility has more. If what I say is true, procedure was followed, and the anger towards Foss is unwarranted.

With the information I have, and with my own opinions, I do agree with the sentence that occurred, though I bear no ill will towards anyone involved, and I hope that is clear to all.
To address this I will say Baron Fairfax did not, and was not ordered to carry out my sentence, his comment was after he was asked if he wished to adjust the sentence. I know the truth of things and the judgement I was given had nothing to do with what Bluewater attempted to accuse me of. I will not drag this out further by ongoing points. If any wish further comments dream to me privately, I have offered my memories to be searched by a Biata if that was needed. I will not bring my personal beliefs into the public eye.

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Let me make this abundantly clear as you seem to have missed the point of this dreaming. Nikkolai was executed for disobeying the order of a noble (Baron Fairfax) and was found not guilty of murder. The anger at this situation stems from the sentence of death over disobeying a noble. Had Nikkolai been found guilty of murder the sentence would still have caused his loved ones pain but would be much easier to deal with. The specific anger at Baron Fairfax is just as Nikkolai explained, he was given a chance to adjust the charge or the sentence but he did not chose to. He chose to follow what the magistrates had already decided. He could have spared Nikkolai's life and did not chose to do so. If you wish to speak a length on all of this you may contact me at next market. I have been present for all of the aforemnetioned events and can give you first hand knowledge on how all of this transpired. Until that time I suggest you do not keep spreading information that you recieve as a secondhand or possibly third hand source, things tend to get muddled a messy.

Ignathis Nachtfeuer
Head Chef of the Company, Ghost Raven
I have restrained myself from contributing to the discussion until I had time to properly process the execution of my brother and what that means. I, admittedly, was not present at the market when Nikkolai killed the individual turning to vampire. However, I was present at his execution. I spoke to Baron Fairfax at Nikkolai's execution, as I was angry and confused as to why a man who was found innocent of murder was being executed. I would like to reiterate, as a first person witness, what this was about. To my face, by Baron Fairfax, it was stated that this had NOTHING to do with punishment for murder, as he was found innocent. This was punishment for disobeying a noble. With this confirmed by multiple sources, I hope everyone has had it clarified in their minds why those involved were (and still are) upset with what happened. What has happened cannot be undone. All I can ask for is that adventurers be ones who show mercy among their own when it is within their power. Especially ones who have sacrificed so much for Wayside.

Madame Mila Bochkov
Ghost Raven


Lord Jehan,
Could I please revisit one of your points. You say that the law is currently unclear about what counts as an order since there is little legal president thus far. Do you know of any other cases where someone went against a statement of a noble where they had either been acquitted or been sentenced? In other words, what cases are there so far that shows a distinction between a noble's statement being a sharing of opinion vs. their direct order? Also, what president was set here? I wish to understand the law better for the future since that is the only thing that can be affected at this point. While I don't know what happened here, I do think that it is possible for people to make mistakes and if I later see people mistreated by nobility, how would you suggest I procced Lord Jehan. Finally, I wish to understand Wayside's laws better in general, is there someone who I might be able to talk to to get a better understanding of the intricacies of Wayside law as it currently stands?

P.S. I hope that I didn't come across as arrogant, I just fear that I may be missing some bit of knowledge that I will need later. I have respect for all of the nobility of Wayside I have interacted with.



You are correct, the information I have is second hand in its entirety, from both the nobility and from adventurers who know more than me. As I have stated multiple times, the points I make are opinions I hold personally and information that must be added. I simply want to make sure all information on the matter is available to the best of my ability. I'm sure you can understand that.

I have the utmost respect for you, and consider you friend. I also have great respect for proper information, and am not comfortable being told to not share it. I'm sure you can understand that as well.


I can certainly feel your pain, as well as the pain of others close to Nikkolai, in this dreaming. While what is done cannot be undone, we can learn from this moving forward. I share your view of mercy among our own, when it is mine to give. I can only hope that other adventurers share this view in the future.

I look forward to seeing you both soon. Tensions are still high, and I have no more information to give than I already have, so I'll speak no more of it.

Kindest regards and condolences,


Thank you. For addressing these point directly. And ask that you do appeal to your Lord, Duke Eliason your direct Liege Lady Her Grace, Victoria Pax.
As this matter currently stands, my hands are mostly tied. I will entreat to His Grace/Her Excellency as best I can but am unlikely to get very far without better cooperation.

Keeper Hartsboon,

A pleasure to hear your words upon our world once again. I trust your most recent sojourn was as eventful as your wished it to be. If you have time, come find me. Mine is the house on top of Mount Arakis. I may have grown a few years, but could always use wise counsel.

FreeWoman Migs,

No arrogance offered so none sought.

I'll attempt to clarify, I did not say that the law becomes unclear, merely that the application of it becomes more difficult as the factors of distinction increase exponentially.

To clarify further, I am not a legal scholar, I merely hope to possess an adequate enough understanding to properly discharge my duties to the Crown. Offhand, I cannot think a clear precedent or other active cases that directly mirror this one or its punishments. Any parallels I could seek to draw would be, in some way, inadequate invite further argument. That death is a possible recourse for disobeying a noble is established law. I am also aware that many magistrates and nobles will seek to exact greater punishment for failure to obey when the consequence of that disobedience costs the lives of others. I do know of a few instances of acquittals from this charge because the order was not properly heard in the din of battle or misunderstood but am not aware that this was the case in this instance. If this is of interest, you are more than welcome to peruse my library come winter for further distinction. If it is a matter of great interest, I am certain I can arrange for a Barrister for you to apprentice under. Within the adventurers, I know that at some point, Baron Bluewater, was a barrister under the old common laws. I do not know of his current standing or interest in the finer points of law.

In terms of your question, on any mistreatment by those in power, are you asking me what the process is now or what it should be? I sense this is the greater concern in-adroitly brought up by the original composer. I personally feel, very strongly, that the law should work for its people and be achieved by the nobility's just application thereof. That this is a concern is deeply upsetting. If you are asking about the current process, let me know and i'll revert after some reflection.


Jehan Wyldweaver
Lord of Storm's Rest


Lord Jehan,

Migs may have a propensity for fresh rabbit pelt, but I's can assure you Migs is not a woman.

For my part, yer presence is missed.



Lord Jehan,
Thank you for getting back to me. I am asking about how the law is now for those who might be mistreated. I only ask because there are so many people with at least some power making it plausible that, at some point, someone in power might make a mistake. I have never felt personally slighted by these lands and I don't think there are any large scale problems of abuse. I just wish to be informed in case a time arises where I must stand up for another. As you said before, "the law should work for its people and be achieved by the nobility's just application thereof", but if we don't understand the law, how can we uphold it or use it as a shield. On that note, I would love to peruse your library this winter so that I can better understand this wonderful land.
Not-A-Woman Migs
Scribe Migs,

I seem to have confused my reports and falsely labelled you. The err is entirely mine, please accept my sincere apologies.

For your question, out of respect for all recently involved in this matter, I request you consider starting a new thread of discussion about legal processes in the lands. I'll attempt to answer you there, and hope that your polite request further engenders members of the Nobility and Magisterium to answer as well. As to your request, You may consider yourself officially invited to Winter at Storms Rest.

Jehan Wyldweaver
This is truly incredible, what an amazing read this has been.

What started as someone pointing out very clear injustice as respectfully as reasonably possible, someone wishing for more transparency in this issue and in the future, someone who made it abundantly clear their main concern here not having any misunderstanding, devolved into this.

She speaks for justice, you say she needs to be quiet

She wishes for clarity, and you squabble on the letter of the law, not its spirit

She points out how nobels have clearly abused power, you call it sedition.

I am sickened to share my time with you.

If you don't understand my anger, you are part of the problem, and I wash my hands of you.

I care little to debate on this through here, I am however happy to discuss this in person this market day.

With utmost dissapointment,


Wizard with a Great sword
Reasonable person

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