Winter Downtime/IBGA Guidelines


Downtime Actions/IBGAs for winter 2018-19 are due at 11:59 PM on 12/31/18. They can cover what your character would like to do in between the 2018 season closer (October) and the 2019 season opener (tentatively May). That means your character has much more time to complete actions such as travel, projects, etc.

Characters can be aware that the Caligonauts plan to be less active once snow becomes a likely possibility. They do not stop all activity, especially since Derrin's Pass remains a defensible bottleneck between the Outlands and the Kingdom, and Mist creatures are not held back by snow. The Mistwall drops once a month year round.

Travel between Realms: Your character may attempt to travel to another Realm within the scope of Alliance Videa. Attempts to travel through the Mists have a high rate of failure, however, your character has time to try more than once over the winter and has an increased chance of success.

Attempting to contact an NPC: This can be done along with travel between Realms. As always, please be specific about how your character will try to reach them.

Eligibility and group IBGA policies have not changed. The new IBGA submission form has an additional feature so the primary writer can send a copy to other participants’ emails directly within the Google Form.

We look forward to seeing your Downtime Actions and how they will influence future plots!

Google Form
Quick question. Last time I tried submitting ibga's I was not getting the emails back from you guys. I had submitted Tempesta's IBGA quite a while ago as she will be the character I will be playing this year. I haven't seen an email come back about it. I realize it is still 2 weeks away. I just wanted to make sure you guys were really getting my stuff as I had such problems with it before.
Good Afternoon,

I have reviewed the submissions made to the IBGA form as well as emails sent to the Character Plot email address and have not found an IBGA submitted after our last event for Tempesta. I am fairly sure that the form sends a confirmation to the listed email(s) after a successful submission so if you didn't receive one we never received the submission either.