Winter IBGAs Prademar Edition

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  1. Kitaruen

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    Winter IBGAs will be due on February 1st 2018 at 11:59PM. All will be returned no later then the Monday of the Opener. The Winter IBGAs represent the time from the end of November till the end of March and thus can be slightly bigger scope then typical IBGAs as you have more time to do things.

    All IBGAs should be sent to the plot email.

    They should take the following format:
    -Primary Action - this is the meat and potatoes of your ibga.
    -A single secondary action based on titles/buildings/items/co's or specific npcs. You may combine multiple of these into a single action BUT you only get one action.

    Please list any COs you have that seem to fit any of the actions as they may enhance the effectiveness or grant information otherwise not available. You are allowed an unlimited number of letters as long as you actually write them up and send them to us. But these letters are due by the deadline to guarantee a response. (be told it was delivered or the recipient not found are answers to be clear) Please note that rituals can not be cast in IBGA, nor items used. That is not to say we will never use them in your response for story telling purposes however. Any whispering wind items maybe used a single time during the winter in place of a letter also waystone keys can only be activated a single time as well (a single round trip).
  2. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Templar

    An unlimited number of letters? Are you certain? I just want to be crystal clear before I write a tome. And I have written tomes before. :p

    All silliness aside. There is no cap to the number of letters that we can write to NPCs?

  3. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Correct but you must actually write letters.
  4. EricMarsters

    EricMarsters Fighter

    ...RIP plot team... I don't think you understand the beast that is Amanda when it comes to writing letters for LARP...
  5. migs

    migs Newbie

    If they where feeling especially masochistic, they could say"Unlimited and we will try to get responses throughout so you might have correspondence instead of one back and forth"

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