Winter IBGAs!!


Chicago Staff
All Players are welcome to submit a Winter IBGA! The Last two months represent you busily setting the stage for the actions you take. Up to this point its all been preparation, hard work, building relationships ect. The final two months before the start of the season will be when the real meat happens and all the hard work pays off with some kind of result. Thus this IBGA represents a four month window of efforts and allows more breadth of action than a typical IBGA.

All IBGAs must be submitted via email to by no later than 11:59PM Sunday Jan 26th.

Everyone gets the following actions:
  • Primary Personal Action OR Primary Group Action
  • Primary Personal Action OR Primary Group Action
  • A Secondary Actions are Generated by various sources such as a Noble Title, Special Items, Magic Item Flaws, or other various sources.
Craftsman Others do not grant additional actions but may give bonus information in some cases so let us know if you have one that is applicable to a situation.

The Available Group Actions for the Winter are:
  • The King has invited all adventurers and mandated the Squires to join him on a Tour of all of Wayside's Holdings and visit each neighboring nation in Terna on diplomatic exchanges.
  • Join Solar of Ways Vorbag Prisonstorm on his first official act as a Solar- He has called for aid from numerous adventurers to join in a task of monumental good and magical advancement.
  • The Kingdom is continuing efforts in establishing the Colony in Anret headed up by Lady Fallingstar. There is an expedition being formed to guarantee security of the area and continue scouting and mapping Anret.
  • The Earth Guild is forming a Victory over Viktor Task Force. The Task Force will be aiding with researching final solutions for this problem, scouting important locations, and lastly researching the death knights that form the core of Viktors special forces.
Get Them In!!! Late IBGAs will not be responded too!!

Our goal will be too have all responses sent 2 weeks prior to the opener (look for the 2020 schedule super post soon) -Updates will be forth coming!!


Sent mine in :)