Winter Write-up (IBGA)



Your plot team would like all IBGA submissions sent to by October 1st!

The IBGA should cover what your intentions are over the winter. Read the newsletter before submitting (it should be out in the next couple of days). Remember that we want you to include your character's PURPOSE so that we can properly frame your response, and the flow of the story in the game world. This is your game, we've placed a large number of political pieces on the board, please move some pieces around - and act with an intent.

A few game world events that you should be aware of:
1. Hurricanes starting in the center of the Maelstrom are powerful this fall. Rain, wind, and floods impact all nations within the Maelstrom (except Iceforge, and the Gorrah Glacier).
2. The winter is one of the worst that most people can remember. Starting in November, blizzards coat the lands in feet-thick snowfalls.

These events cause the superstitious to complain about the Curse of the Kraken and who are more scholarly/historically minded to point out the events surrounding the "Resurgence" during the 4th era when, over approximately 1000 years, a dozen sea-monsters were heralded by terrible storms. Still others believe that these storms are the prelude to another "Maelstrom Event," events throughout history that have wiped the map. (Please see the player's guide).

In the two months leading up to the start of the 2nd season we MAY open IBGA's up for submissions. Your write-ups NOW will help us generate the story arc for the 2nd season - write-ups just prior to the event will help us plan encounters.

If you haven't already, please submit a character history.

That's it! Thanks so much for reading and we are looking forward to Season 2!!