Winter's Respite | January 20th-22nd


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***The following is all considered knowledge your character may be aware of coming into "Into Fire and Into Ice", our second full weekend event running from Friday January 20th - Sunday January 22nd (, and also recaps what has happened over the winter within Cerenys***

Since the last gathering of the people of Cerenys word has spread of both the dangers and opportunities abound. Work has begun to manage the path to and from Cerenys. Daily there are caravans coming in and out bringing simple supplies and those who would answer the call for aid. Along with the new faces comes more danger at the hands of the bandits, the corrupted flora and fauna, and the ever-present looming threat of the Akedians. Recently word has come of the pending arrival of Nobles from Baldassare, Noetica, and Maram. It, however, is not all work.

Word has come from the emissary of Jirrah that they intend to hold a tournament in celebration of Cerenys establishing itself as a waypoint into the unknown. This is being done in partnership with the delegate from the Order of Voskis who plans to help judge, unsurprising to all.

The categories for the tournament in accordance to the five aspects of the Order of Jirrah have been announced as:
  1. Wit
  2. Compassion
  3. Artistry
  4. Efficiency
  5. Prowess
The tournament will start on the evening of January 20th, 623 F.R. upon the emissaries' arrivals, more details to come. Rumor has it that the announcement of the contests has even seen Dame Linden smile, a sight purportedly not seen since the loss of her previous liege Sir Kensington of Serratura.

Lord Fairburn has been working diligently with Theodore, the Gryphon, on re-establishing it’s mental faculties to little avail. There is hope that despite Theodore’s lapse in memory he may still possess the power to invest a few of the people of Cerenys into the Earth circle in the coming nights. As to requests for investiture into the celestial circle it is Lord Fairburn’s hope that the emissary from Noetica will shine some light on this endeavor.

The two nobles have otherwise been preparing their orders for the potential induction of new members on the eve of the night of the new moon, and amidst any of the struggles have been optimistic as to the progress being made and the future of Cerenys.