Within Calanhelm's Castle PC119


"Your Grace, there is a dwarven representative here from Ral'Endas" the Major Domo states to Queen Ava. "Oh? What would bring them here. I was not told by the Sanctum that any dignitary came through their portal" she states with a tone of annoyance. "Please have them sent in immediately" she says and the Major Domo heads out of the room.

Queen Ava moves to her throne and seats herself, preparing to receive a dignitary. A minute later the Major Domo returns, with a stout dwarf in tow. She announces " Gagram Goldbearer Vein-finder – Master Miner and Elder of the Council of Ral'Endas". The Queen's expression changes from her normally stoic visage to that of surprise. "Gagram? It has been too long dear friend" she says as she steps down from her thrown and moves to give the dwarf a warm embrace. "Why did the Sanctum not tell me you had come through.." she begins as they separate. The dwarf holds up a hand. "A lass, it's been too long. But I did'n come through tha' portal." he states. The queen's expression changes to one of confusion. "I 'ave come to give ya some words from the Thane.' Gagram states as he pulls a missive from his pouch and hands it to her. It is emblazoned with the Seal of Emberforge.

Ava breaks the seal and begins to read. More confusion besets her features. "Really?" she asks. "I did not realize you were so far along. But what Duncan asks is a lot. I'm not sure how the other nobles will view this." she says. "I know it's a lot ta' ask. I think tha's why tha Thane asked me to bring it to ya. A kind face and all." Gagram replies with a smirk. "If it's all tha same to ya lass, I'd love a chance to rest before I make my way back. Still lots to do, even wit'out tha go ahead of Calanda." The queen's expression sours a bit at that last statement. A moment later it passes. "Of course. Geneveve, please see that Master Miner Goldbearer is fed and accommodated for while he stays within the city." she sates to the Major Domo. "We will have dinner later and we can discuss the ambitious plan of the Thane in more detail." she says to the dwarf. With that the Major Domo takes the dwarf from the reception hall. The queen turns and sits back upon her throne, missive still in hand. She looks over the document once again. "how they will react indeed" she states to no one. She wonders if the High Empress know what the dwarves are up to? A smirk crosses her face. This will be an interesting year she thinks to herself.

"Geneveve" the queen calls. When the Major Domo appears she says "Arrange for Colonel Colson to meet with me immediately. I'm sure he know more than the dwarves are going to tell me." she says. The Major bows slightly and leaves the queen to her thoughts.