Wizardin' School Wizard Names

What's up fellow Wizards? We were all havin' so much fun givin' each other Wizardin' names, I wrote 'em all down. Here's what I got:

Elros - 'Triage'
Zihr - 'Best Boy'
Jamina - 'Raiser with a Z'
Sentofino - 'Occam'
Ezrin - 'Fudge'
Cass - 'Shots'
Bluwolf - 'Warden'
Gerty - 'MGM'
Kylar - 'Gills'
Roff - 'Bling King'
Zen - 'Panic'
Rag - 'Armageddon'
Cami - 'Sleepy-T'
Shen - 'Shocked'
Nikki - 'En Garde'
Raganzi - 'Cookie'
Thibidee/TBD - 'TBD'
Ten - 'Nine'
Pepper - 'Salt'
Kira - 'Wyldfire'
Vaelin - 'Baby Doll'

Prime Minister Powell - 'Optimist'
Ambassador Thrace - 'Kilt'

If I'm missin' anyone, let me know! In the wizardin' words of Cookie; *Finger wands* (Pew Pew!)

See y'all on the road,
-Baby Doll


Minnesota Staff
We had a second round of naming later into the evening for some more folks!

Edwina - Kitchen Witchen
Auryn - Tea Cup
Mint - Hammer Time
Val - Cruiser