Working on a Character


Hi guys! I'm new, this is my first LARP and I'm working on my first character. I actually really like her. I'm looking at the Alliance SF web page and was trying to figure out where to send her to to get her looked at. If I send it to logistics or the plot team or even just someone else that wants to look her over and give me pointers or suggestions or help. Thank you so much in advance for the help! Looking forward to hopefully joining the adventure soon! :)
You can pm her to me, and I’ll help you out. I’m pretty old hat at character building...
Do you know which of the two ASF campaigns you want to start her out in, or if you want her to be from somewhere else? The two campaigns have different plot teams you can contact to look your PC over after Sarah checks her out.

Here's the email list of all the staff, you want 'logistics' for stat-related character creation and one of the two plot teams for backstory. You could also email your general idea to both plot teams and ask them which world it fits better in. For a vague explanation, Enerret/Brimms Watch is classic high fantasy and Maelstrom is post-apocalyptic. Your character will them be able to travel between these two worlds/games, it's just a matter of backstory/origin.