Working Together


Thank you to all that answered his Majesty's call to aid the mine in Springdale this past weekend.

As the King's representative in town I want you to know that we made huge gains in clearing the three shafts that were cleared. There is further work to do in the mine if anyone wishes to return there later, but at least now the majority of the shafts are operational.

That said, I think there is much we can learn from our experience. I for one see some flaws in my approach to things that have been growing over the years coming to the fore.

I apologize to you all for leading you in to the fourth shaft and immediately leaving you to the fight while I stuck my nose into the puzzle at the door. I did us no favors by abdicating my duty to lead or removing my healing from the fight. With a bit more coordination we could have been triumphant in that cave instead of finding ourselves dragged outside by the Myconiods to spread their spore.

Let us make sure not to lose sight of our victories this past gathering in light of our one defeat. I hope to sit with you all in the coming weeks to refocus on how we can better serve our interests. I know the people who fought beside me against Bleak and those that have joined us since are capable of great things, so I look forward to further adventures with you all.

Travel safely,
Sir Mathis of the Order of the Emerald Flame
Knight to his Majesty Lycergis, King of Dragonreach


Please implore King Lycergis to enlist the aid of the Drevic golems or the Lich in the Mountain, before the Myconids take over the world.

Clearly they are rising in response to the power vacuum left open by Bleak's, and his undead's, removal.

Also if anyone does go back in there, I'll reward you for the return of my book.