Workshop of Convience


Chicago Staff
Q1 - Permence

The target of the ritual is a workshop, thus making it permanent binds the character to never being able to leave said workshop.

However, every WoC I have seen thus far (Chicago, SoMi, SoMN) has been represented by a prop. Be it shoes, keys, bag/box etc. Thus representing that the item is the connection/access to the WoC. As with portable and mist touched, it then represents that your character is not traveling around fortanis with a building suspended in Null-Space. But with this method it would stand to reason that the rep which represents the workshop would be spirit locked, not the actual workshop which was the ritual target.

Seeking additional input as the WoC is a very difficult ritual (thus potentially expensive) to have cast, not to mention uses a lot of reagents. Thus the default desire would be to go the extra mile and attempt to make it perm. But the variable effects I have seen and the conflicting rules make me wonder if it is even an option.

Q2 - additional users
My interpretation of the ritual scroll is that those users need to be present at casting. Because the ritual doesnt specifically say they must or that they dont; I fully admit it's an assumption on the side of caution. But a decisive clarification would be good.

Q2a - additional users, investment
With the assumption that additional users need not be present at casting how would one be added to the WoC Investment after the fact? The investment ritual cant target a WoC but would be the obvious choice to use.

Q2a - additional users, divestment.
As above but reverse. This is exceptionally relevant for preserved or permanent WoC, because some players stop playing or characters die. So if one is to go about making a WoC capable of supporting 4 characters, a method to remove & add people (within the same limit of 4, assuming it was cast at said difficulty) would be valuable to be quantified.


Gettysburg Staff
1. The target for a WoC is a workshop tag being used to represent the building, similar to the way armor rituals are cast on an armor tag with no corresponding physrep. I realize it’s very hand-wavy, but it doesn’t need to get more complicated than that.
2. Investment or presence during the ritual is not needed. A normal workshop allows one person to use it per LP. Normally, this is the person who owns it, but they can be lent out for others to use instead. Additional users simply allows the owner of the workshop to allow more people to use it. They don’t need to be listed or predetermined or linked to the ritual in any way.


Alliance Chairperson
Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
Please note that a recent errata (I was supposed to release this earlier and missed it for a while :( ) affects this case:

A Workshop counts as a "Location", not an "Item", and thus does not get the Spirit Lock from a Permanent Duration ritual.