World History?


Hello! I am not a player as of yet, though I aim to change that once I have more free time.

I had an idea for a character that was a sort of historical storyteller (a questionably old MWE/ Sylvanborn). However, I can't find anything on the history of Fortannisas a whole.

Am I just blind, and packets on that subject are within easy reach? If that's the case, can someone please direct me to those?

If not, and they just don't exist, are there any good substitutes? Like a story written by our honorable founder, or an unusually broad race/area packet? Perhaps a thread(s) with stories from different chapters?

Many thanks, Grayoak.

P.s. I would like to thank anyone who takes time out of their day to read this and write a response. Y'all are awesome.
Hi Greyoak!

The simple answer is: There is no Fortannis-wide history.

The more complex answer: Each chapter has their own "history". Typically, these histories are independent of other chapters, but it isn't unheard of for chapters to have related history. Additionally, some chapters frequently change their setting to new lands, new kingdoms, and new exploration, which all have different history. Finally, there are a few Racial Packets that have their own creation stories (but not all of them), such as the Biata and the Stone Elves.

Your concept has the potential to be a grand story teller, especially if you plan to travel to multiple chapters! It would be an intriguing concept to travel the lands to learn the histories of all the different lands, and even the histories of lands closed off, then tell the stories of those histories as you travel.

A good place to start would probably be your home chapter. They likely have a history developed and you could inquire that chapter's players and plot for information on history.
Alright, that is great to know! I'll definitely look into these sources for more information!

Thanks for the idea to travel to other chapters for their stories as well. That will probably be a goal for my future self to achieve. You know, for when I actually have money to travel long distances.

As for the home chapter idea, I will... as soon as I figure out what my home chapter will be. Crossroads at Ashville is the only one close enough at this moment, however, I have heard rumors of a new chapter opening a little closer to home soon. I'll wait it out and see what happens, and flesh out my Character a little more as I wait.

Many thanks, Alavatar. May Lady Luck be ever with you.

Hi Grayoak!

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about Crossroads and get you background on its lore to get you started, as that is my home chapter! Feel free to message me - for reference we should also have our 2019 schedule up soon. Our players come from just about every direction so I may be able to help you figure out potential carpool if the drive is a concern.
Asteria, I believe this help you offer will... well, help! A lot, in fact!

For the Carpool, however, I'm afraid I'll have to take a pass. My parents are a wee bit protective, so they'll insist on traveling with me at first. And I'll only be able to come after March 23rd anyways.

Anyways. Time for the fun part.

Are there any prominent characters at the Crossroads that may be of interest to a Storyteller?
What kind of government is ruling?
What is some history that you can remember?
Who are the...

Wait, sorry. A better question might be called for.

What do you think I should know about the Crossroads?

~ Signed, Grayoak.

P.s. I apologize if I happen to come off as... something not good. I'm excited, and I am also tired at the time I'm writing. A bad combination for me. Good night/day! :D
Not at all, you're asking all the right questions! We're excited to have you! If NPCing is of interest to you, Crossroads has a policy allowing you to NPC while under 18 so long as a parent or guardian is on site if you'd also like to come out and try it out/learn the system. If not, we'll be excited to see you PC in March :)

Kosmara (the in-game name for Crossroads' nation) is currently governed by the fey, with the game taking place in a town called Sanctuary, positioned in the middle of the overgrown Wyldes. The fey power rotates between two courts divided further into two seasons, the Seelie (spring and summer) and Unseelie (fall and winter). Each season has an NPC fey knight who makes appearances when their season is in power, and has a player squired to them; we are currently under the Winter fey, Lord Evergreen, and his squire is Kylar. If your first game will be the March one we will be transitioning to be under Lady Sassafras by then, whose squire is Bryton.

If you DM me your email, I’m happy to send you the history we have available that gives more background to the actual land and peoples! My character has taken to documenting events as they happen in-game, and would love to have somebody to help build a library!
That's awesome! I will definitely check in with my folks about doing that! I think I might NPC until the 2.0 update passes, that way I won't have to re-learn the whole system once again.

As for the governing system, that is certainly interesting. Not often will you find fey taking an active role in non-fey kingdoms. I take it there are certain circumstances that lead to them being in power?

As for DMing, I will do so now. I will look forward to helping build that Library! :D

P.s. What do y'all use to write? An ink and quill combo might be great aesthetic, however, it can also be a pain in the @$$ to use.
P.s. What do y'all use to write? An ink and quill combo might be great aesthetic, however, it can also be a pain in the @$$ to use.

About 10 small notebooks hidden in various items of clothing, and about 4-15 pens stolen from Acarthian nobility. I've puchased some cool-looking skull pens (no, they're not necromantic artifacts, sometimes a skull is just #aesthetic). Running for your life with an inkwell sounds terrible, though I think I've seen some people with traveling calligraphy kits.

I can't recommend highly enough being the Remembrancer, especially if you end up in a lore-heavy campaign, because sometimes you find a puzzle that you need six-month-old information to solve, and being the only person with that information is more important than being able to stab real good (although I hear good things about that as well). You're also going to have a neverending character quest if history is your bag, and that's always a good thing to have going.

If you want to find a real conundrum in game, I have a good starting point for you: Try to find out what year it is in Fortannis.

Should you make it to the west coast, I'm working on a series of collections of documents from lands Brigadooned away in the mists. I'm up to would-be-two-if-someone-would-fork-em-over. So, one.
I’m one of the traveling calligraphy kit people. It is, in fact, an enormous pain and rarely gets used. My go-to is some kind of faux quill pen. Good balance between genre-appropriate and practical.
Depending on how not-fancy your character is, you can get bark covered wood "pencils" that have a standard pen tip. They look very not-modern.
If you want to find a real conundrum in game, I have a good starting point for you: Try to find out what year it is in Fortannis.

My friend, I believe this is a great idea.

Many thanks on encouraging my drive to write down and remember events, and backing up the reasons why I want to. Always wanted to be a "Rememberancer."
@Alavatar is a relatively small piece of a puzzle I didn't realize was a puzzle until I tried to solve what I thought was a small puzzle but it ended up being more of a... Crazy quilt.

See previous thread.
Oh. Ohhh. Ohhhhhhhh. That...

Well, thank ya for the thread link. I’m sure that will lead to some great reading later today! :)