Worried about chapter health (focusing on NPC numbers)


Hi Jesse,

I know posting this in the public forum may come across as rude, confrontational, or counterproductive. I'm using the format partly becuase I hope it will get attention, and I hope it will not slide into counterproductive territory.

We are 10 days away from the season opener, the February event.
  • Right now there are 34 PCs registered (though we all know many PCs will register at the last minute).
  • There are 2 (TWO) NPCs registered (one is Plot). I suspect there are 3-4 Plot folks that will, of course, add to that NPC tally, but we all know those don't really count when considering the NPCs needed to run an event.
The NPC numbers are a big, tangible issue, but there are others that add to my nervousnness. I don't think listing them here is going to be useful, but I want to be clear I don't think the NPC numbers are the only thing on my mind.

I'm nervous for myself, for my friends, and for the community.

Jesse Grabowski


The numbers on both sides did go up, however, I am more concerned as to the "others that dd to my nervousness." If you'd care to elaborate, perhaps we can both not let it slide into counterproductive territory. If you don't feel comfortable sharing that part here, because you didn't in this post, then please let me know your thoughts in a private email. I cannot address, or fix what I am not made aware of.

Thank you for your honest concern,