Wylderkin boots


I don't think I could handle the heels, otherwise those are neat.


I've seen a lot of boots where they just cut the heel off, and you balance on the ball of your foot. They're quite comfortable and not that hard to construct.


I found some of these but with no heel and a lot more base support to creat the full illusion. I don't trust either in a fight though.
Looks great, except for the zipper down the front that destroys the illusion. At least they could have put it in the back.


For a more practical boot, (for the cleft hoof Wyldekin) You might try a Tabi boot.

They are made for Tabi-socks, The Japanese thick sock worn with sandels in traditional garb.
They come in usually brown, black or white and have cleft toes- now I have never worn them but they look hooflike and still would give you traction like a real boot- all you would have to do to make it look really hoof like would be to stand on tiptoes.
Here is are a few links.


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I wear tabi or regular boots for my wolf just depending upon weather. Toe shoes are also an option, but you would probably want to cover up some of the reflective or colored areas.
if you have to cover a zipper, just get some faux fur and tuck it into the zipper handle and get a piece of double sided tape and tape the bottom down.


As someone who has made stuff like this for several years... these (the variety of design where you are on your toes, with no heel support) are -not- good for larp where there is physical combat and a lot of running around. The average person will not be happy after about 4 hours and your movement will be impeded plus its really easy to damage an ankle if running or in uneven terrain. They are better for parlour style games, conventions and cosplay. Had several clients ask me about this.

This style though, where you are hiding the sillouette of your leg, but your feet are otherwise normally positioned (tho in this case, thee is a tiny amount of heel on the shoe, and thats fine) is completely safe for larp. http://magpieb0nes.deviantart.com/art/Quik-Digitgrade-Video-207318445
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