Wylderkin Meeting Friday at Midnight @ Wishing Well. April 418

Graham Wolsey

Hi friends!

My name is Georgie and I'm from the Howling Woods!

I'd like to organize all the Wylderkin coming to New Acarthia this weekend for a big meeting! A place where hunter and gatherer, violent and peaceful, solo and pack-oriented can co-exist in peace and discuss matter of importance to our community!

I'd like to meet at the "Wishing Well" area at MIDNIGHT Friday night! ALL Kin are invited to attend and I suspect there will be several matters of life and death to discuss! There have been several outsiders that have come to New Acarthia from the Wylands and they have been causing some troubles for our local community! I think its important we discuss solutions!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

I'll be in Deepjug's Tavern around 11:00PM on Friday to discuss some matters best discussed in person before our big meeting! Kin business, best not blasted across the Dream Realms! If you have a fancy human guild meeting to attend, that's totally fine I'm sure your friends will catch you up on what I said! You are still TOTALLY welcome to attend our meeting of KINSHIP!

If you have ANY ANY ANY questions for me I can answer them here, especially if you can't meet me on Friday night at 11!

-Georgie, Rabbitkyn
We'll be sure that we have representatives there, if not everyone, Georgie. I should be able to meet with you at the tavern ahead of time, as I'd be personally interested in what news you bring of our homeland.

-Lagarde Rhoade