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Blankets and your character

Blankets are one of the concepts in the Alliance organization that don’t get a lot of explanation but play an important part in everyone’s characters. We put together this guide to try to help players learn about blankets and how to maximize your character’s potential.

Blankets are how your character earns experience (XP). Everytime that your character is given a blanket you gain a scaling amount of XP that can be spent to improve your character. The bigger that your character gets, the less XP you get from each individual blanket. This means that the power difference between brand new characters and veteran players isn’t always the same if they attend the same number of events.

Blankets come in four types: Event, Monthly, NPC, and Dragon. Event, Monthly, and NPC blankets can be awarded by individual chapters, but Dragon blankets can only be awarded by the Alliance organization. Further descriptions are listed below:

Event Blankets
Event Blankets you get automatically every time that you pay for and attend an event. However, you can purchase Event Blankets for games that you miss, or to gain credit for games that took place in other chapters within the organization. Event Blankets cost 30 Goblin Stamps per day to be covered, so one-days are 30 Goblin Stamps, two-day weekend events are 60 Goblin Stamps, etc.

If you want to purchase an Event Blanket for an event that you didn’t attend, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. You can only be credited one blanket per day. As an example, if you had your primary character in the Minnesota chapter and an alternate character in the Chicago chapter, you could only get credit for a blanket on one of those characters for an event (there is an exception to this rule that will be described down below in the “Alt Rules”). Additionally, if two chapters were to have an event on the same day, you would only be allowed to gain a blanket from one of the chapters.

Blankets can only be purchased from the chapter that hosted the event. Since Goblin Stamps are specific to each individual chapter, if you wanted to get a blanket for a Chicago event, you would need to purchase and spend Goblin Stamps within Chicago. One of the great ways to handle this is to look at “pay no play” options that many chapters offer at the start of each season (check out the links that we’ll try to keep updated at the end of this page).

Remember that you can only get credited for a single event each weekend, so if you buy a “pay no play” pass for two chapters that overlap, you may not get all of your money’s worth. One of the methods that some veteran players use to avoid this issue is to map out the events for all of the chapters for a year, and then choosing which chapters to buy from to avoid overlap. As chapters release their schedules for the year, we will endeavor to keep an updated list available to you guys.

Monthly Blankets
Monthly Blankets are blankets that can be purchased once each month. They provide the equivalent of a one-day worth of XP and like a one-day cost 30 Goblin Stamps to purchase. You can only purchase a single Monthly Blanket each month. If a character is covered for all 12 months, it’s the equivalent of attending 6 extra two-day weekend events each year.

Within the Minnesota chapter, we offer a single purchase to cover all of your months for the coming year (see our Schedule post for more information). Additionally, if you have the Goblin Stamps to cover being blanketed, you can request that logistics add you to the “Monthly Blanket List” which will spend your Goblin Stamps each month, so long as you have enough, to credit your character a Monthly Blanket.

NPC Blankets
Last year the organization added the additional option of gaining NPC Blankets for your character. Like Monthly Blankets, each NPC blanket is worth one-day worth of XP. To qualify for an NPC blanket, a player must NPC for an entire event (fence hoppers do not qualify for these blankets). NPC Blankets are limited to one per month for each character; so if you were to NPC at the May event in Minnesota, and then NPC at the May event in Chicago, you would only be able to award a single NPC Blanket to one of your characters (though you could apply additional NPC blankets to an alternate character).

You can earn an NPC blanket in any chapter that you attend as an NPC for the entire weekend. In the Minnesota chapter, we offer the alternative of 30 Goblin Stamps for players who NPC in multiple chapters and do not have alternate characters that they want to blanket.

Dragon Blankets
Within the organization, you can earn Dragon Stamps for making large financial contributions to the organization, or for providing a service to the organization (such as serving an organization position or NPCing for a National Event). Sometimes chapters will also offer Dragon Stamps for helping with specific large needs that they have, as well as the occasional offer from the Alliance organization for filling a big need. Dragon Stamps are more difficult to gain than Goblin Stamps, and if you’re interested in earning them, you will have to keep an eye out on the forums for opportunities.

Dragon Blankets provide the same benefit and follow the same restrictions as Monthly Blankets, but may only be purchased with Dragon Stamps at a rate of 6 per blanket.

The Alt Rule
In 2016 the Alliance organization added an option to gain blankets on a second character within a chapter. These count as Event Blankets for the character, but cannot be purchased with Goblin Stamps. Instead these blankets can only be purchased for $10 per blanket (meaning that it costs $20 for a standard two-day weekend event). They may only be purchased for events that you personally attended, not for events that you blanket with Goblin Stamps. You can only purchase the blankets from the chapter that hosted the event.

Back Blanketing
So now you know all of this information, and if you didn’t know it before, you might be wondering how you can gain the benefits of it right now. All of the different systems of blankets (except the Alt Rule) allow a player to purchase the blankets for up to three months prior to the current date. That means that if you’re reading this in April, you can still spend your Goblin Stamps to purchase Monthly Blankets for January, February, and March with Back Blanketing. This also applies to purchasing Event Blankets for chapters that have already hosted games this year. Additionally, NPC blankets can be Back Blanketed, meaning that if you were to NPC for both Chicago and Minnesota in the month of April, you could apply one of those blankets to the month of March and gain both benefits.

Back Blanketing can only purchase blankets for months and events that you have not already covered. For example, if you’re reading this in May, and already purchased an April Monthly Blanket, you could not Back Blanket April to purchase a second Monthly Blanket.

Chapter Schedules
We will do our best to keep this list updated to provide our players with a one-stop location to find all of the events that are planned for this year.

Pay No Play Options
If a chapter offers a pay no play option, we will do our best to get it posted up here so that you have the opportunity to purchase it. Sometimes this area might be empty, as typically pay no play options are only offered at the beginning of the year.
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